Chart Toppers: Killzone 2 Hits the Mark

GameDaily: "Killzone 2 has become the fastest first-party PS3 title to reach 500K unit sales, SCEA tells us. If Sony can continue to produce big hits like this, PS3's business should see some uptick."

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TheHater3479d ago

If Sony should have actually advertise the fricken game. I watch a lot of sports games, partially NBA games, and I have yet to see a Killzone 2 commercial.

Elven63479d ago

Its still a bit unclear, yes it does say 30 days but does it cover the full 30 days? Or could it been something like selling 500k in a week with time left over?

Montrealien3479d ago

It`s from an official statement released by Sony america stating that it is the highest and fastest selling PS3 first party title for a period of 30 days.

Good games deserve good sales, gj Sony, KZ 2 is a solid shooter with great commercials playing everynight, still to this day on channels like comedy central and spike.

Hellsvacancy3479d ago

Does it include pre-orders? i thought pre-orders 4 the game alone where nearin 1 million

macalatus3479d ago

I have seen the commercials on SpikeTV, military channel, and sci-fi channel.

Bnet3433479d ago

Not as big as I expected. I was thinking in the realm of like 1 million in the first week or two. 500k is good I guess. It'll get better from here.

Lfmesquite3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

First off, I would assume he's talking US sales only. The game opened with 323k in the February NPD, so I think we can all agree that in 30 days the game has probably sold more than 177k in Pal regions. So, I'm guessing he's probably talking US sales only. But I wish he would of been clear on that.

Anyway, it opened with 323k in the US, and in 30 days has 500k. So I guess when the March NPD comes out, we can expect that Killzone 2 sold close to another 200k copies in March.

To me, sales are bit disappointing, I expected Killzone 2 to sell 3 million copies worldwide, now it looks like it will struggle to reach 2 million, so the game is easily 1 million under what I expected. I can't blame anyone other than PS3 owners,the game is brilliant. It's just stupid PS3 owners, I don't know what their problem is. They still think it's the PS2 era, all they want is Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear solid, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil. It's a shame that people only want known franchises, even if it's rehashed junk.

gaffyh3479d ago

@1.6 - Yeah KZ2's "Opening" was only the last 2 days of February, and it still managed to come number 5 in the top 10. I'd expect more than 500k sales, but I'll wait and see what the actual numbers were. Will be interesting to see how it did in Europe as well.

Kleptic3479d ago

I saw the 'war perfected' tv spot at least once a night through late february/early march on various channels later in the evening...

it is definitely a matter of the playstation 3's current owner base...and a little less on advertising than a lot of people make it out to be...and its not just advertising; but largely word of mouth...something that killzone as a franchise simply doesn't have yet...

but in the end I simply don't know why anyone would care...the game is still brilliant, easily the best looking game of this generation so far...with a multiplayer component that implemented new mechanics that will become standard across the board...and with plans of tons of future DLC, some free, some not...the game will only get better from here...

damn it though I just want GG to get the server lobby right...nothing has been delivered yet on what that douche bag producer kyle guy told us would be there...playing with 2 or 3 friends is easy...playing with 8 non clan members in a full 32 player server is as easy as chewing on your own elbow...

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago

I have seen plenty of advertisement for KZ2 on Tv. I think it was either or both Sci-Fi and/or Spike. Both with heavy male demographic I imagine.

RememberThe3573479d ago

I'm with you on that. And Sony wanted this game to do MGS4 numbers...

Saigon3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

he didnt say it sold 500k in 30-days...he said it was the fastest game to reach 500k and is the highest selling title just in the first 30-days of the game on the street...

So he is saying out of all the games released on the PS3...KZ2 reached the 500k milestone faster than any other PS3 title and that it is still selling impressive numbers for the first 30-days...higher than any other game...

at least that is what I saw when i read the comment...and this was for NA...

aueslander3479d ago

You do realize that with the pre-orders that is the number RETAILERS ordered NOT the number that consumers plunked $5 down to hold it.

Blaze9293479d ago

you see more ads for MLB 09: The Show then you do for Killzone 2...strange huh?

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

Clearly explains just why these articles and the statements in them are more geared towards investors and thos who like to hear about sales numbers. For those who did not catch the gist of it... These were units sold in North America and in a period of only 30 days. This does not mean that only 500k of them were sold entirely. But then again, who cares, it's a great game and sales do not make games great.

solidt123479d ago

I have seen the commercial countless times on cable TV, G4, Military Channel, Sci-Fi, Spike, I think I saw it on MTV or VH1 too not sure on that one though.

orange-skittle3479d ago

So where are the PS3 Fanboys now?! Yelling "KILLZONE 2 WILL OUTSELL GEARS 2!!" B*tch please. The game was average with a horrible ending. Resident Evil destroyed it in the "EPIC" department. The grainy graphics sucked and the online got boring as hell. You ranked up to general within 4 days and had nothing left to do but gain meaningless perksfor characters you didn't care to use. Most of theperks depended on the computer instead of actual skill like "kill 5 enemies with a sentry." Delayed hits and kills are also an issue as well as spawning in the middle of a fire fight. COD4 is still the top online game and will take a miracle to dethrone at this point. I like my PS3, but KZ2 was nothing near what I expected and the sales show me I wasn't the only one.

creatchee3479d ago

Sales don't mean the greatness of a game, granted. BUT this game NEEDED to sell a lot more. People are dulling the fact that this was THE pivotal game for the PS3 to either start selling more or fall further behind the 360 and Wii. People like to name their lists of all of these future games coming out, but besides KZ2, the only other REAL potential system sellers are God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5. Unfortunately for GT, there are a ton of racing games out there now - which means a ton of competetion. I can't say that I think that GT5 is going to sell anywhere near as much as its PS1 and PS2 counterparts.

As for Kratos, who knows?

Hutch23553479d ago

They had multiple commercials every week for one of the highest rated cable tv shows, especially in the 18-35 demographic. So they obviously targeted there marketing on channells and shows that fit their game demographic. They didn't blanket market over all of the channels.

All-33478d ago

So... even after --> ALL <-- the hype the game garnered over the initial E3 '05 video up to the final release... You're claiming that the NORTH AMERICAN PS3 owners weren't aware of Killzone 2?

C'mon now...

However - being the FASTEST selling PS3 game --> in North America in a 30 day period is interesting. You'd think the sales number would be much higher than 500,000 copies... without any advertising.

Compared to many --> OTHER AAA-titles previously released on Sony or competitors platforms... that 500,000+ figure is quite low actually --> isn't it?

Many thought that Killzone 2 would be a system-seller... doesn't look like it... but I enjoyed playing through my pre-ordered copy.

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Fishy Fingers3479d ago

"Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at SCEA"

US I guess.

Elven63479d ago

Since it was SCEA I guess it only includes America (North America?), but don't quote me on that.

SprSynJn3479d ago

The game passed the million mark a while back for worldwide sales, so this is most likely just US sales. I am basing that off VG Chartz however, but I am sure it is reliable to a certain extent.

Beg For Mercy3479d ago

for us only, so this is pretty good since it broke a ps3 sales record

gameplayer3479d ago

1st party record... the call of duty franchise still has the record for ps3 but still, it's an extremely good showing!

orange-skittle3479d ago

Breaking a PS3 record is not hard to do since they lack stellar exclusives and proper marketing for their games.

Sheddi3479d ago

I disagree with u about everything except the part about proper marketing.

redsquad3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

'Dead'-'Space' confused with 'Kill'-'Zone'... That's actually quite clever when you think about it!

500,000 sales the fastest in the PS3's 'weakest' region? Not too shabby in my view.

Elven63479d ago

It may be the weakest but the region still has enough PS3 owners to warrant good sales if publishers attempt to appeal to them.

raztad3479d ago

Not, it is not. KZ2 should be 2+ million worldwide. It is clear that it sold much better in EU. And then the asian market (including Japan) is yet to see this game released. It only can go up. Enough to warrant the next installment and encourage GG to support the game.

redsquad3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Good job I included the caveat "in my view". Not that it made a difference, apparently... The fact that it broke the first-party record is enough for me to stand by the "not too shabby" part too.

Mindboggle3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

What do you mean "should be" ? What is there some sort of rule that every game must sale higher than what YOU say......Killzone wont sale very well in Japan, end of story so its just US and EU that will contribute decent sales, and if its not above 2 million...who cares.

raztad3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )


I suppose you are replaying to me so, read my should be as a "could be".

I was making a guess. This 500K (fastest among SCEA titles) is only NA, I repeat NA. Then Im guessing than NA+EU could be around 2million. BECAUSE KZ2 sold better there.

BTW, it is not like KZ2 sold 500K TOTAL in NA, probably is 800+K copies sold.

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irish-leprecaun3479d ago

its us only. not bad for no adds!! well almost

N4Sony3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The sales are good. I applaud Sony for their persistance, it's paying off. I wasn't a huge fan of Killzone 2 (liked R2, COD4 and Halo 3 much better), but it was solid and the presentation alone deserves a pay-off for GG.