PlayStation Home Xi Secrets Revealed

An enthusiastic user on the PlayStation European forums has created an entire walk through for the PlayStation Home Xi experience. All five missions are explained in great detail often with videos to help you along the way. Below we have included Mission One (this will contain spoilers)...

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T3mpr1x3575d ago

I like how Xi has turned out, it really adds to Home. The various mini-games are fun to kill some time with!

irish-leprecaun3575d ago

totally agree but getting to end of this xi puzzle is like getting to d end of a rainbow!! lol

DoucheVader3575d ago

I am having problems with the Dodge the Trees game LOL.

Sangria3575d ago

In the second part of the Hub, there is something wrong with clocks. It gives an anagram, but has someone every solved it?

irish-leprecaun3575d ago

it would be cool if jess turned out to be some evil leprechaun and u had been doin her dirty work all along!! a pot of gold wud be a nice prize to display in your home apartment!

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The story is too old to be commented.