Gamer 2.0: WWE Legends of WrestleMania Review

While Legends of WrestleMania has plenty of fun matches to participate in and a worthy roster to choose from, the streamlined controls and all-together easier difficulty make recommending this to veteran fans a hard task. Newcomers will surely enjoy the lack of depth it takes to successfully pull off a finishing move on an opponent, but with Raw vs. Smackdown 2009 successfully mastering the controls that have plagued the series for years, it seems like a shame to leave it out of this game. Legends of WrestleMania still is a great game for any fan to enjoy just don't expect to keep coming back after your tour has ended.

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Nicknasty3483d ago

I cant seem to put this game down, dont know why some are not liking the controls. I like em, its more simple and like an arcade style. The way it should be, not like pressing 5 different buttons just to pull off 1 move. You people are lame that disagree.