1UP: The Godfather 2 Review

1UP writes: "The Godfather helped get me this job -- seriously. I wrote a strategy guide for the first game and because of that I was hired as an intern, promoted to staff writer a year after that, and now, I'm in charge of MyCheats. It's like I worked my way up from the bottom to become Don of a website...or something like that. When EA announced Godfather II, they hyped the sequel's heightened strategy elements, so, naturally, I considered paying my respects by putting together a new guide. But I neither found the game to be difficult nor the strategy very involved; and considering Godfather II holds your hand through the entire experience, it's nearly impossible to make a mistake -- so we passed on the guide. But is it any better than its predecessor? Sort of."

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Th3 Chr0nic3532d ago

talk about a huge letdown. i didnt play the first game but wanted to try this. ive lost interest now.