GCO: Prototype Preview "As Big As All Manhattan"

GCO: "If there's one thing gamers really like, it's freedom. An open world to explore and do whatever they want, especially when they have godlike powers that let them morph into any shape and wreak havoc on an entire city. Prototype promises to be that game.

As Alex Mercer, a genetically altered man who has lost his memory, you wield amazing shape-shifting powers which you'll need to find those responsible for radically changing you and exact your revenge. You'll have to rip and shred your way through a populated New York City brimming with citizens, military and a faction of "infected" individuals. It's a three-way war between you, the military and those who've been infected by a strange virus. You'll have to uncover the dark conspiracy that lies at the heart of everything that's happened to you and the people around you."

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