Industry Heads Discuss Growth and the Future of Games , Wii has highest attach rate.

Interesting points from the panel noted by IGN.

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Saigon3477d ago

but...they didnt say anything...if people are trying to get that surpeise that the wii is selling games...I think that is wrong...its only the blockbuster games that do well on the know such as GH and RB such as mentioned in this article...

Trollimite3477d ago

while the wii has the highest attach rate it also has the highest drop rate.

i honestly havent played my wii in 1 and a half years

anyone else feel the same way

Gr813477d ago

Goal Post, is only blockbusters sell on the Wii? What? Are you for real dude? HD consoles are the systems that only sell "blockbusters' and looking at sales of RE5..doesn't seem that even blockbusters are cutting it.