Gamertell Review: Most Romantic Tales: Romeo & Juliet for PC

From the review, "For the most part, Most Romantic Tales: Romeo & Juliet works as a visual novel. It has a great story as it's foundation. The character models look good, the lips even more when the characters talk. It has an option where you can choose which scene to view. The adaptation used make it a perfect option for people who want to know the story but have trouble reading Early Modern English.

The only thing is, the choices presented in the visual novel don't have that great an effect on the story. Quite often, you'll have an option to choose what to do, only to find you have no choice and have to pick a certain option. Also, even if you choose different options, the result inevitably ends up the same. It defeats the purpose of having a choice to begin with.

The jigsaw puzzles, while a noble attempt to inject a mini-game style diversion to break up the monotony of the novel, are a disaster. The pieces all blend together when in a clump, making it difficult to divide them up..."

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