What's up with Killzone 2 DLC?

Jeff Rubenstein from US Playstation.Blog writes:

"By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General. You should know how deadly the shotgun can be when Capture & Hold-ing at Radec Academy, and where to set up your sentry bots in Salamun Market. So what's next for Killzone 2 multiplayer? Put a pot of coffee on and find out tonight."

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MGOelite3479d ago

if it is co op some reviewers best change their fuking mind

Killjoy30003479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Well, if you take a good look at the post, you'll see he's clearly hinting at the addition of multiplayer maps or other content. He talks about how you "probably already know where to put turrets in Salamun Market."

Don't be expecting co-op, because it won't happen until Killzone 3. Sorry to burst your bubble everybody, but the chances are very slim. It pains me to rule out any chance of it, but it's pure reality. What's the last game that recieved co-op through a patch?

Anyways, I'm glad because I need some new maps to pull me away from Radec and Tharsis Depot.

sofresh2003479d ago

I hope it's new maps and weapons/ranks. I haven't played since I got RE5 and I'll boot the game up in heartbeat for some new maps.

thor3479d ago

Yeah co-op seems unlikely. The only reason they ever said that it "could be patched in" is to shut people up. Co-op doesn't matter one iota whilst you're playing single-player or multiplayer - it would be nice, as an extra, but the lack of it doesn't make the game any worse.

Think about it - they had 2 teams. One working on single-player, on on multiplayer, and it took each of them 4 years to make their bit. What makes people think that co-op will take them 2 months?

WhittO3479d ago

I have a feeling they are going to release new ranks, since you can max out your rank in a matter of hours and the blog mentioned "all of you should be the rank of General".

Would be great if they like released new ranks every month or something, would deffo keep people coming back to the game !

Killjoy30003479d ago

Well, you never know they could've been working on co-op while in the development cycle, but just weren't ready for the initial release and didn't want to push it back any further.

To be perfectly honest, co-op is just not very intriging to me outside of RSV Terrorist Hunt and RE5.

But yeah I'm sure it won't happen.

Alcon3479d ago

If his entire post was a hint then:

1)More ranks: "By now, you Killzone 2 multiplayer fans should be leveled up close to General"

2)New guns(?): "You should know how deadly the shotgun can be"

3)New maps: "and where to set up your sentry bots in Salamun Market" (maybe meaning we know all maps by hart and that more are coming)

If those three things are in the DLC I would be very happy. But I know the chances are slim (still hoping though)

BuryYourHead7073479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Killzone 2 was not made in 4 years.

They first had to make the engine, then the game.
The engine took up a majority of the time because I'm sure by the time that was done they had the plot, settings, and dialogue done. All they had left was to place everything in the game, create controls for your character, and polish.

Now I'm not saying this is exactly how it was done, but it makes the most sense. Plus I remember reading somewhere that Guerrilla spent the majority of the time on optimizing the engine for the PlayStation 3.

Mu5afir3479d ago

I would like more multi-player maps, and preferably better guns.. (that I would actually USE)! Let's be honest, we only really use 3 guns an any map. The snipes primary, the shooty and the default ISA gun. And some new characters wouldn't be bad either.

IdleLeeSiuLung3479d ago

Isn't developing the engine part of developing the game? I mean, I know that many developers license engines from other companies as a shortcut, but still many developers build their own engine i.e. Unreal (Epic Games), MT Framework (Capcom) and so on....

thor3479d ago

Yes building the engine is part of making the game.

Killzone 2 uses some middleware for its lighting and physics, so those weren't made by Guerrilla.

And don't forget - the co-op needs an engine to run on! The Killzone 2 engine was not designed to include co-op. All of the co-op specific engine features would need to be implemented. Many of the optimisations that they used for the single-player can't be used for co-op for various reasons. Then they have to consider server setup and how that's all going to work.

Adding co-op would require all the things that making the game in the first place required. And that's presuming they use the existing levels! Triggers need to be redone, the whole game needs to be rebalanced for co-op. If, as I suspect Guerrilla would want to do, they create all-new levels for co-op play, we're talking a massive amount of work.

What would happen if the co-op ended up rubbish because they'd rushed it? I would LOVE to see that. I would LOVE to see all the whiners saying "WAA WAAAAH PATCH IN CO-OP IT'S EASY TO DO" having to put up with a half-arsed co-op mode and complaining about that.

Think about it. They've gone from originally saying "co-op could be patched in", to "co-op will NEVER be patched in", to "we're not ruling out co-op". What does that tell you? Certainly NOT that they've been developing it all that time. Basically they've hyped their game up saying "we could do this, we could do that", then Seb's spoken too much and has revealed that they're not planning co-op, but then he's had a word from his superiors telling him to appease the fans by telling them something arbitrary like "we're not ruling it out".

y0haN3479d ago

Yeah co-op playable in current levels as free DLC, with new maps that can be played in said co-op mode as pay DLC would be sweet.

brandonk1293479d ago

wow these maps are gonna rape halo 3 up the butthole. great job on GG's part for further making the xbox 360 obselete!

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Pennywise3479d ago

Give us something special GG!!!!!!

MJY2K3479d ago

Looks like it's going to be new maps

The picture doesn't remind me of any of the current maps

The Hunter3479d ago

Thats that vissari map i think

Ghoul3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

its the tunnels at the start area of Visari hammer

solidjun53479d ago

Ghoul hit it on the head.

SIX3479d ago

1.Co-op for campaign
2.More maps
3.Higher ranks

mugoldeneagle033479d ago

It needs a much deeper ranking system and more maps. That should be priority over Co-Op. I haven't played Killzone 2 in about 3 weeks and that would be the perfect add-on to put off Socom and Fallout 3 and get right back into the madness.

Online Co-Op would be big too.

GameGambits3479d ago

I don't get in any way shape or form why people want co-op. You want GG to deliver you something that will get a few hours of play rather than content that could heighten your gaming with K2 for say, months?

If the co-op mode was like Resistance 2's or Horde like in Gears of War 2, then I'm all for it, but running through the campaign again one more time with a buddy for a trophy is something I'll pass in one sitting and be done with it.

I hope they announce more maps, more weapons, more game types, more ribbons, more ranks(that take a long while to obtain), and at least one trophy that puts that carrot at the end of the stick to 10,000 kills online for a gold trophy.

Either way co-op is the last thing I want out of this big update.

PirateThom3479d ago

I'd take a Horde style mode, for sure.

Even if they had 4 people on a team taking on waves of Helghast, it would be awesome.

SIX3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

The best time I've ever had with an FPS was the time me and my bro went through the single player campaign on the original R1. For me, the true reward isn't a trophy or a high score. It's more about the moments when you can connect with others through a common interest. That's why co-op single player is #1 on my list.

As well, I can guarantee that if Guerilla did this they will sell more copies of the game. It's the reason why most of my friends have not purchased the game.

joydestroy3479d ago

you know, i'm not sure why people are disagreeing with you. at first i wanted co-op too, but after reading your post and thinking about it, you're right. co-op wouldn't really extend the gameplay.

more maps, more weapons, more game types, more ribbons/medals, more ranks, or even maybe more badges would be awesome!

SIX3479d ago

This quote is why he's getting disagrees,"I don't get in any way shape or form why people want co-op"

Everything else is spot on.

joydestroy3479d ago

oh, haha. gotcha.
well co-op is certainly wanted, but i think the other stuff mentioned is a little more important and i believe one, or a few, of them are more likely to be the DLC.

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