Microsoft quiet on black 360

Microsoft is remaining tight-lipped on rumours that a black Xbox 360 is in development, featuring a 120 GB hard drive and HDMI port.

"We're aware of the rumours circulating on the Internet regarding a new version of Xbox 360, but we have made no official announcements and do not comment on rumours or speculation," Microsoft told Eurogamer this afternoon.

The company was speaking in the aftermath of new information from US magazine Game Informer, whose April edition claims the hardware is real and will launch in late April for US$ 479.

US website Engadget backs up these claims, boasting that a Microsoft insider confirmed to the website that an "Xbox 360 Elite" would pave the way for a new Premium (white) version of the console later in the year.

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Whoooop4760d ago

Isn't a little unfair for previously 360 owners if this new BLACK360 comes out?? I'm not trying to start a flame war..

I'm just curious of what already 360 owners with no money to spend like that, think about this.. It is a tempting offer that any 360 owner will consider, but what about those who don't have the money buy it, they have all the reason to feel disappointed at MS...

I would be pissed if one month later, HELL one week after i buy a 360 this rumor gets officially confirmed.. That's [email protected]#$ed up..


shotty4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Tell me how it's unfair, how about when the DS lite came out or the ps2 slim came out. Just look at PS3 owners, 3 months later they get a downgraded console that doesn't even offer the capabilities that sony announced yet they are fine with it. Now microsoft is adding an improved product and even charging a premium for it and now the fanboys cry over that. All consumer electronics are like this, even cars, clothes, toys, you name it and they follow the same strategy. Look at Apples strategy, come out with an improved product every 6 months (brighter screen, different colour, bigger capacity, slimmer, repeat) and fans pay for the latest. The point is, games stay the same, you buy Halo 3, Gta 4 or whatever it will run perfect on core, premium or elite. Heavy Downloaders (movies, tv shows) will go for the elite, xbox live users for the premium, and core will be a great secondary console for system link or as a console not connected to live.

Says you4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Stupid part of Microsofts career cause now the 360 gamers are
deffinitly going to be confused and saying what did Microsoft make another 360 console when they should've put the HDMI on the 2 360 consoles and now there going to try and attemped us with a 3rd one wow Microsoft is really screwing 360 gamers over cause why waste making another 360 when they should've just made the HDD that is 120GB what a waste of money

Lol power of Green you would agree on any thing with a game company that wouldn't know either so there for your the true idiot what would EB games know you would have to be that dumb to actually accept the words from a game store that the new black XBox 360 will come with a removable HDD you are such an ass and oh get a brain before your brain becomes inferior than every one else's considering you need a major upgrade on your brain and I doubt that Microsoft announced that there new black XBox 360 will have a removable HDD when there just all talk.

gogators4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

play no differnetly wether you have a black version or a premium or a core. If you have a core, which was all I could get at release almost a year and half ago, then it will still play all the same games as this version with HDMI. If and most likely when it is available. I would imagine that people who have devices that accept HDMI inputs, will likely have the money if they want this version. Even so, HDMI is not necessary, though I will buy this version if and when the Denon AVR 4807 becomes available, hopefully later this summer. The HDMI inputs are just less cluttering and the space behind my current Denon is really cluttered with all my componet input.

shotputking4760d ago

i don't understand why anyone would be angry or disappointed about it. it doesn't lower the quality of your current 360. it's not like there are going to be games that can only be played over an hdmi output... a 360 doesn't output a digital signal anyways, so i don't see what the fuss is about. microsoft had always stated that a larger hdd would be available at some point.
basically the only people that will be disappointed are going to be the people who have a tv that only accepts 1080p over hdmi and not component and doens't have a vga input... or people that download a ton of stuff off of the, both of these two things are said to be available for sale seperately.

power of Green 4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Is it fair for any consumer to buy different or older versions of anything? i guess it depends on what kind of person you are and the way you think about electronic(s)evolution.

Do people care and think its unfair which PS2 they bought after the spec's were changed?, do people care if PCs spec's change? all the time, do people care which PS3 or 360 they purchased due to price and other factors probably!. lol

No one will care about the new 360 negativly except people that like to be angy, MS's coming out with a 120gig HDD i called EB games 45 minutes ago and they said it was coming as detachable so this gives all 360 owners a choice they will come out with white versions considering they even have the ablilities to use HD content LOL.

Do people care if they're using and SD, HD, or HD-DVR cable box? depends who you are i suppose.

Why do Sony fans care about what we pay for more than we do?.

#2 MS did Just focus on the 120 gig i talked to an EB Games manager today and the New HDD has really nothing to do with the New Xbox thats what he said stop acting like idiot.

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The story is too old to be commented.