New horror title heading to Wii

A bunch of horror games have been announced for Wii as of late and now it's time to chalk up another one for the genre.

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hatchimatchi3482d ago

that game looks awesome. Even though the american film was garbage. The pictures kinda remind me of siren: blood curse on the psn. I wonder if the game will be strictly first person, hopefully it's not on rails. It doesn't look like it though. I really hope this comes to North America, i absolutely love horror games.

N4g_null3482d ago

I think this will work way better as a game. Hey but after seeing some of the other games that are only in japan right now I get the feeling this could turn out really really good!

hatchimatchi3482d ago

i was looking at other games AQ has made and sadly 'vampire rain' was one of them, but still this game could play like a complete mess but as long as it's scary i'll still buy it. I'll definitely be watching the progress of this game.

rambi803482d ago

I have a Horror game idea - Totally misguided developer

Jadaking3482d ago

I hope Nintendo keeps announcing games for the Wii, cause it seems its just Sony and Microsoft are only ones making those big announcements.

Deios3482d ago (Edited 3482d ago )

Hopefully this game will make up for Fatal Frame 4.