ZTGD Review: geoDefense

Catastrophe writes: My love of Tower Defense might be clouding my judgment ever so slightly, but I think geoDefense is one of the best games I have played lately. Quite simply, this game makes me happy - in that slightly masochistic, TD-loving kind of way. The title, from Critical Thought Games, is currently on sale for $0.99 - and I would happily pay the regular price of $3.99 for this wholly addictive dose of portable TD.

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meepmoopmeep3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

i thinks i might buy it.

the only TD game i really loved was PJM
but yeah, i'll check to see if a lite version is available
if not, $0.99 isn't much.

Cat3480d ago

Yeah, there is a lite version you can try - I really can say that even at the full price of 3.99 it's worth it. (and the game is, IMO, easier than PJM which makes it more mobile-friendly)

meepmoopmeep3480d ago

sounds good, i'll give the lite a try

Montrealien3480d ago

great review Cat, I am a TD junkie also and I have all of the tower defence games available for my iphone and this game is easily my favorite, next to Creeps. And for 99cents, it is a hell of a bargain.

skynidas3480d ago

Great review cat.

BTW, you should check out Comet Crash on the PlayStation Store, is really good

Montrealien3480d ago

man, that just came out of left for me, that game looks amazing, getting it tonight.

Just the videos remind me of some good old Starcraft Tower defence.

Cat3480d ago

Definitely! And my colleagues wonder why I'm always heading home early on Thursday... ;)

Rice3480d ago

Yep great game, got it yesterday and was playing this on my iphone while riding teh public transit.