TrueGameHeadz Review: Puzzle Quest: Galactrix: The Final Frontier

TGH writes:

"I commend D3 and Infinite Interactive for their advancement of this relatively new franchise, already branching out in wildly new directions, but I think they may have been reaching just a little too far with this version of the game. Don't get me wrong, "Galactrix" is a good game in its own right, but part of the appeal of the original "Puzzle Quest" was the perfect balance between casual and hardcore. Unfortunately, this title tends to lean more heavily on the hardcore side of the scale.

"Galactrix" is a fun game that will offer hours upon hours of gameplay, and will provide gamers a great value for their purchase, but fans of the original might not find what they were looking for in this follow-up. Hopefully the recently released Xbox Live Arcade version of the game will clear up some of issues with pacing, and prove that intergalactic gem battling can be just as fun as medieval gem battling"

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