Joystiq Review: The Godfather 2

Joystiq writes:

"The core gameplay of Godfather II is very similar to that of the first game. Find businesses controlled by rival families, rough up the shop keeper, and make them pay for protection. Once done, the business belongs to you, and if you take over businesses of a similar nature, you can work towards a crime ring. Crime rings are a collection of establishments that, once owned, provide any number of boosts, from added firepower to bullet-proof vests. They come in handy, especially later on when you're fighting high-level gangsters that control crime rings of their own.

And in each takeover, your crew's different abilities will come into play, allowing you to approach each situation in a different manner. If you're rolling with a medic, it's guns blazing, because if you get shot down, you have the ability to be revived. One of your boys a demolitions guy? Send them to go bomb a building, breaking a rival family's crime ring, while you take your crew to another location without having to worry about your rival's perks from that crime ring."

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