Dune Alienates Fans of Second Life Roleplaying Sim: Copyright Infringement - Should Learn from Mistakes of RIAA & AP

Estate of Dune Frank Herbert Foolishly Alienates Fans of Second Life Roleplaying Sim: Should Learn From the Mistakes of the RIAA and Associated Press

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zalifer3480d ago

Its not losing them any money, letting second lifers play dune scenarios, and no one profits from it.

Lawyers must all be bored to death to chase down such trivial matters that keep the fans of the IP they are protecting interested and involved in the IP

onlinemmo3480d ago


I agree. It doesn't make any sense and surely there was some way to creatively reach out to their fans and make some money without alienating them and just sending in the lawyers.

ChozenWoan3480d ago

It's one thing to protect an IP, it's another to bash the fans of that IP.

As a fan of Dune, I find it incredible that no one to this day has been able to correctly capture the essence of Dune in a Video Game. Sure there have been a few strategy games, but no real RPG/FPS type game that truly feels like Dune.

Now the IP holders want to attack fans for trying to give other fans what they want in a Dune game world. Instead they should be setting up a coop to profit all parties. What's next, suing cos players for infringement on the still-suit design.

onlinemmo3480d ago

I agree. I am a fan of Dune as well but frankly the whole experience leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I don't know why they wouldn't embrace fans.