Games, Adolescence and Culture, Oh My

Matthew Allmer @ Gamasutra: "Heather Chaplin's controversial rant at the 2009 Game Developer's Conference has sparked the debate of maturity within the game development community. She even used a recent, new scientific term "neoteny" to describe the psychological process male developers use when creating game content.

Aside from the brilliantly covert insult of calling me retarted, I'm glad Heather brought this up.

(Update: …and like an ironic retard. I misspelled the word "retarded". Thanks Robert.)

I think this debate is right on time. And it gives me a chance to insult female game developers in a brilliantly covert fashion with the word "bluenose". This debate is large and messy. It often starts with the classic but fundamentally flawed comparison between games and other entertainment media."

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