3D Realms: We Screwed Up Duke Nukem Forever

What the hell happened to Duke Nukem Forever? 3D Realms hasn't released an internally produced game since Shadow Warrior, a shooter that ran on an advanced version of the Build engine. Someone screwed up along the way, and, thankfully, 3D Realms is finally starting to admit that publicly as Duke Nukem Forever finally becomes a reality.

First, we fully admit we're screwed up the development of DNF, and it's now an industry joke. I laugh (and cry) when I think about it, too. Our fault is that we set the bar too high, and we tried too hard to make the game to beat all games," studio CEO Scott Miller told YouGamers in an interview. "In the last 18 months we've taken a much more realistic look at the project, we've hired a truckload of experienced help, and I personally believe we are now on the right track&finally."

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Neutral Gamer4760d ago

Aaargh! I've been waiting too long for this game, hopefully they'll release it on the consoles.

Can't wait to play it on the Xbox 720, wait, better make that the 1080 just in case ...

Rasputin20114760d ago

I loved the Duke and hope we see him soon

calderra4760d ago

"Our fault is that we set the bar too high,"

Doesn't that quote sound familiar? Hhmmmm... if only I could think of who else had said that... (such as every company that ever over-promised and under-delivered).

overrated4760d ago

Sega, Sony, Ms, Nintendo, EA many more

cmon Duke we want you

grifter0244760d ago

Hopefully It lives up to its name... I dont think 3d can take a bad fall for this one and live to tell about it... You make people wait so long and then its a flop hopefully its good thats all I gotta say... "Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum" LOL

Booneral4760d ago

I didn't realize, when did that happen? Hey, something that doesn't exist cannot be screwed, so it's something beyond that Lol. Besides it's not like everyone will like a standart FPS for Duke's charm (well maybe some could like it for Duke alone lol) around these days so they really need to try since the bar is set pretty high in this generation.

Let's hope they will do something nice with Duke Nukem, that will live up to the game's name. I'd enjoy a multiplayer stadium battle 16 or more players online :D