GameDaily Review: The Godfather II

With The Godfather II, Electronic Arts hopes that you'll think like a don. Loosely based on events from the popular film, this enjoyable video game casts you as a Corleone thug who eventually takes control of both New York and Miami. Success hinges on your ability to not only shake down business owners, but also hire the right men for the job. Goons have unique abilities (fence cutting, safe cracking, demolitions) that prove useful in a fight, and you always have the option to promote or whack them, depending on what's best for business. Grand Theft Auto inspired gameplay lets you carjack vehicles, while a unique Don's View provides a helpful top-down look at an entire city, displaying businesses under your control and attacked by rivals. Overall, it's a fun single player adventure with an equally entertaining multiplayer mode full of 16 player death matches. Although its graphics look dated, monotony quickly sets in as shooting the same bad guys and completing similar missions gets old. That said, The Godfather II makes for an ideal weekend rental .

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