Crytek working on console game

Thought Crytek were only working on the CryENGINE 3 for consoles? Think again.

Most believe that Crytek are hard at work on CryENGINE 3 and CryENGINE 3 only, but its important to remember that the company developed Crysis in conjunction with the creation of their PC only CryENGINE 2.

So to the question of whether the company is working on an actual console game to show off their engine...

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crazy-eyez-killah3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

It will be a game for PC,PS3 and 360 called KINGDOMS. It can be seen in the GDC trailer, the one with the medieval setting.

You heard it here first.

techie3532d ago

Developed by Crytek? How do you know this?

crazy-eyez-killah3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I'm speculating, but they took out a patent on the name "Kingdoms" not long ago, we have seen the medieval parts in the trailer and also a dragon in the CE3 PDF - fits with the name Kingdoms. Crytek Kiev are supposed to be working on a game, I think that this is what they will be working on.

I guess it will be multi plat because there is no reason it wouldn't be now they have the tech in place to do it.

PS360PCROCKS3532d ago

cool crazy good detective work, if you're right I will give you credit

techie3532d ago

So you're speculating :P Good guess though...can't wait to find out :)

Marceles3532d ago

"cool crazy good detective work, if you're right I will give you credit"

And if you're wrong...(punches palms, mean face)

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PS360PCROCKS3532d ago

Nice! Crytek make us graphic whores happy

PotNoodle3532d ago

I hope it isn't another interation of crysis.

PotNoodle3532d ago

Because if i'm honest, crysis was a good solid game - but most of it was just graphics and i don't think the consoles would benefit much from have another solid fps.

techie3531d ago

Hm never played it, so I wouldn't know. But couldn't they make a better Crysis game?

Xi3532d ago

It'll be made by the recently purchased free-radical games. Looking forward to what they produce.

techie3531d ago

Um that's take another 1-2 years. I think not. They are working on it now and I'm sure it'll be out early 2010.

Phantom_T3532d ago

Have Free Radical locked in a cell making TimeSplitters 4, instead.

OhReginald3531d ago

that gameplay footage looked SICK!!

techie3531d ago

They can't make Battlefront - owned by LucasArts.