Nintendo Worried About Future As PS3 Beats Them In Sales In Japan

A recent article on Yahoo News comments on how the Wii may be losing its grip on the console war in Japan. Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, said that the Wii is in a very "unhealthy condition," right now, and that the PS3 is actually outselling the Wii for the first time ever in 16 months. That's a big deal!

The article also goes on to say that the one thing Nintendo DOESN'T want to do is have a price cut, as a price cut in a economicly vulnerable time like today wouldn't really bare any fruits in the long run, so it's not even worth doing. They might be right on that one.

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Smacktard3478d ago

"While it IS true that the Wii is pretty much lopsided when it comes to hardcore games to shovelware garbage, the games that ARE hardcore aren’t selling like apple fritters, either. Madworld, a game I reviewed on this site, isn’t posting up Wii Play like numbers, and neither was No More Heroes (In fact, with the latter, it’s amazing that they’re even making a sequel AT ALL for that one, as the first game didn’t do well)."

...The point isn't that the games are posting good numbers, it's that they're posting good numbers in relation to development costs. If No More Heroes sold enough to make a producer "weep with joy" then it has to be doing something right. Also, seeing as how no official numbers have been released on MadWorld, it's pretty tough to say whether or not the numbers are good, hey? Also, it's pretty hard to expect a violent game to sell over 10,000,000 copies (Wii Play numbers) when the violent game costs about $50-60, and Wii Play effectively costs $10 (subtracting the price of the Wiimote, of course, which is an incentive enough to buy the game).

"I mean, seriously, even a tried and true franchise like Resident Evil wasn’t posting big boy figures on the Wii."

...WAT. The Wii version of Resident Evil 4 sold 1.8 million copies. 2 years after it was published. Resident Evil 4 has sold 6 million copies total across 4 platforms (GC, PS2, PC, Wii). It sold 200,000 less than the PS2 version, like 2 years after its release, and the Wii has just only reached 1/3 or 1/4 of the PS2 lifetime sales.

This article has so many holes it could be used to strain spaghetti.

YungXclusive2K93478d ago

lol microsoft should be worried since the ps2 has been outselling 360 lol XD that system reached its saturation point years ago, microsoft is failing

ShabzS3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

uh ps 2 price cut ... hello? ... 100$ with over 2000 games to play... its sweet deal. and its outselling 360 in japan... 360 was already struggling over there as it is.

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Doctor_Doom3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Its not going to happen anytime soon and besides $ony can't afford any price cut right now. However, They have a great library (LBP,MGS4 and more ) but I think the price is still an issue for some people.

phosphor1123478d ago

Most Wii games are under half a gig of data. My friend has homebrew on his, and this new program lets you rip the games to a thumb drive. Links Bow Cross training was a whopping 200mbs, Animal Crossing was 400mbs.

I could see why dev costs are low.

SinnedNogara3478d ago

If I were working at Nintendo (my dream job) then I would start to pump out much more hardcore games at E3, and publish Winter for n-Space (and give the company a logo). Since Nintendo is making much more money, this could pull hardcore gamers in.

MadWorld sold 100,000 as of now, and remember that Wii owners are wait for the price to go down, since MadWorld is 7 hours long, and the fact that this is the time for testing in schools (just finished, YIPPEE!!).

Wii games have much longer legs, and usually sell much more slower.


yungexclusive my head is still spinning, but i agree.


phosphor1123478d ago

I stated the truth..get someone with homebrew on their Wii, get that program and you will see, almost all Wii games DO NOT use more than a gig of data. Im serious.

Smacktard3478d ago

Well, I got less disagrees than I expected. Still, nobody has really argued these disagrees.

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irish-leprecaun3478d ago

oh god mi spelins atrosious!!

from the beach3478d ago

I find this parody account offensive, to be sure.

Figboy3478d ago

that avatar offensive. lol. Zelda CDI should be ripped from our memories, never to be spoken of again, and yet i'm reminded of it every time i look at your avatar. it burns us!!


i agree with 2.2

lets ban 2.1 from this server

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ShabzS3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

nintendo isnt bothered by sony or microsoft... they're sitting on the top and have shipped 50 mil units now.. how long did ps2 take? 5 yrs?

Edit : Just checked ... it took 5 yrs and 9 months

crck3478d ago

What does it matter how long the Ps2 took to sell 50 mill? Fact is Ps2 is at 145 mill. Which means the Wii needs to sell at its current pace for the next 5 years to catch it. That is also if Sony doesn't sell another ps2 from this day forward. Is it possible? Maybe but the Wii doesn't and never will have the library the PS2 does.

ShabzS3478d ago

its an example to show its HIGH demand in the market

raztad3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )


The problem, as I see it, is that the BEST moment for the Wii is already passing, Japan sales are a clear indication that even the almighty casual market has a saturation point.

Dont know how long it will take for a slow down in US and EU Wii sales, but it will occurs sooner than later. In that moment Nintendo will need to up its game and push more games out. Im talking about QUALITY games, not WiiFit and all that casual sh*t. That will be good for YOU as a Nintendo, more games for you to play.


Why makes you happy the fact that Wii is selling BECAUSE the crappy WiiFit? you should care about real GAMES, I dont think you are a WiiFit user.

And yes, this gen is barely beginning. hehehehehe, my PS3 is here to stay for a looong time and looking better everyday.

ShabzS3478d ago

haha... worst case senario for the wii... everyone in the world starts going to the gym like a real person... once wii fit dies... wii begins to die...

the sprint and marathon argument again... yah the only way it can be in the long haul will be if it pushes out more games... and its kinda trying with mad world dead space resident evil dead rising...

N4g_null3478d ago

raztad you are wrong about the casual market or the game market period. The sells are limitless yet the sells are based on what the market wants not select groups of fans. The nintendo president is not fearful of the PS3 he is fearful of the economic climate! Basicly he believe the market for gaming will shrink due to the money problems every one is having.

Then you top this off with the fact that we are in a recession and the lower incomes that would have gotten a Wii are now in saving mode. The big spenders and Americans on military bases will continue to buy their systems even if it's just to watch blue rays.

Then on top of that the PS3 is not totally crushing the Wii the way the Wii sold more systems than both the HD console combined in japan , EU, and USA separately.

This is actually show how hard the recession is hitting which is actually scarier than just video game fanboy. This problem is serious. But hey if you want to ignore than then I understand , it's no fun to talk about grown up things.

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testerg353478d ago

Its going to take a long time before Nintendo has to worry. MS and Sony have a LONG way to go before even getting to close to Wiis numbers.

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