Nintendo expected to post record 530 billion yen profits

Nintendo is expected to post a record profit for the year ending on March 31st, despite the global economic slowdown.

Sales of the Nintendo Wii and DS hardware, along with the high performance of the company's in-house software, has led the company to expect a record 530 billion yen (£3.62 billion) operating profit for the year that ended on March 31st.

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Smacktard3478d ago

And this article will be lost and ignored in a sea of "Nintendo's doomed! PS3 outsells them for two months straight in one market!"

techie3478d ago

lol true true. But I wouldn't be worried about that - just wait until March NPD :)

raztad3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Im yet to see anyone here saying Nintendo is TEH DOOMZZ. hahahahaha. Funny stuff. The doom articles are 90% exclusives on the PS3.

Well, I wish Nintendo uses a fraction of all that wealth to improve their gaming platform. For example, a Wii2 with better capabilities could be appreciated but I guess Im asking too much. At least one or two new IPs for the hungry crew, not talking about casual shovelware.

Wii sales eventually will slow down worldwide, as in Japan, and that is a good thing because then Nintendo will need to get THE SOFTWARE out in order to sells more Wiis.

menoyou3478d ago

Why would anyone bring up PS3 sales or say Nintendo is doomed when they are making huge profits and everyone knew this?

Anyway, hopefully now Nintendo can make a real console next gen with real online functionality. Pokemon MMO finally plz omg plz.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3478d ago

Nobody has ever said Nintendo is doomed. People say Nintendo *sucks*, not that they're dead. Besides, making a lot of profit isn't synonymous with "not sucking".

ChickeyCantor3478d ago

" Why would anyone bring up PS3 sales or say Nintendo is doomed when they are making huge profits and everyone knew this? "

Welcome to N4G.

No you are just wrong, there are many saying it that Nintendo is going to fail just because the PS3 sold more than usual.
They just say it in a different way.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3477d ago

Only hardcore fanboys say that Nintendo is doomed. You know, I wish Nintendo was actually "doomed" so they could rethink their strategy, but that's just because I'm not pleased, not because I don't want them to make a profit. Since they're making profit without pleasing my gaming needs, that's not gonna happen.

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MegaPowa3478d ago

Lets hope they use this money to make an HD wii that blows away any consoles like ps4 or xbox720

PotNoodle3478d ago

It'll take more than a HD wii to do that.

MegaPowa3478d ago

Don't doubt the power of Nintendo

bigjclassic3478d ago

Look at E3 07 articles for that. Also, next gen each of the three will have motion and HD graphics.

I believe that Sony will still be the stronger unit overall(in terms of graphics) but game quality will go to nintendo. SMG is still the highest rated exclusive this gen and will be surprised if another exclusive topples it.

All hail Nintendo FTW!!
*goes back to TvC tournaments*

ChickeyCantor3478d ago

" Miyamoto already confirmed the Next console to be HD"

When they asked him why they went SD, he explained that Japan was mostly still using SD telivision. He then explained that once Japan goes Full HD( leaving SD television behind) they will make their console HD enabled.

So it was gonna happen anyway, but even then, i don't think they will go beyond what we have with the Ps3 or 360. They will just build an optimized console with the Power of PS3 and then some. All in all prices are freaking low by then.

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Lotard33478d ago

Geez. They could make a sky scraper out of all the 10000 yen bills that amounts to. Maybe if it was like Wii shaped.
Also, @1: Yeah, articles coming out saying that Nintendo is doomed when they are making profits like this, despite having had several poor weeks in Japan would be silly. However, they have acknowledged that it's worrying, but they refuse to cut the price. Not that they really need to in Japan. Likely when some of their bigger games come out this year, they'll be in fighting form again.

creatchee3478d ago

530 billion yen? Isn't that like 15 American dollars? :)

Lotard33478d ago's slightly more than 15 dollars. I think it's about 5.3 billion, roughly, but the exchange rates have probably shifted since I last checked.

creatchee3478d ago

I know... I forgot to put /sarcasm

THis place needs a good joke every once in awhile

Lotard33478d ago

Yeah, you're right. Sometimes this site is too locked up in flame wars for any humour for the sake of humour to slide through.

Shuya3478d ago

and yet they won't publish fatal frame 4 in the US or EU despite snatching up exclusive rights to the title.

I suppose that money would be better spent on wii sports resort or whatever it's called huh Nintendo ...

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