CVG Interview: God of War 3 Part 1

CVG writes:

"Stig Asmussen, game director for God of War III, has the challenge of creating the series finale for gaming's angriest protagonist - Kratos.

Only this time it's on the vastly more powerful PS3, so Kratos needs to be even angrier, enemies even bigger and more vicious and the action more brutal and mental than the legendary God of War II. That's a big task, but Asmussen seems confident his team has it sorted."


It appears CVG removed the interview.Hopefully it's back up later.

Update #2: The Interview is back online

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King20083532d ago

They will get this game right.Graphically and gameplay wise. I just want to fight Zeus....

sonarus3532d ago

i have no interest in fighting zeus. I already beat the crap out of him and left him running like a b!tch in the last God of War. I need more of a challenge