Gears of War 2 Coming

Gears of War lead designer Cliffy Bleszinski, or Cliffy B as many call him, recently said that as soon as Gears of War is finished, he 's starting on a sequel. Cliffy B was talking with Yahoo! News, where he let in on what he'll be doing in the future, after Gears of War. "Gears of War 2, I'd imagine" Cliffy said.

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Gamer135810d ago

Alot of choice as in games for the 360, Gears of war looks solid imaging Gears of War 2 that will be mindblowing.

TheMART5810d ago

I already pre-order nr. 2 also :)

Where can I pre-order Cliffy, where. You are god
Man I can't wait for emergence day

Mighty Boom5810d ago

I've been waiting for GOW sice the 05 e3!!!! Give me the 1st one before we start talking about the second you a holes!!!

TheMART5810d ago

So I had to know which c*ck s*cker voted Lame on this story. What could ever be lame on Gears of War at all.

Sure it was


Stupid *rs you are posting nothing only voting Lame on 360 posts. You must be Ken

U2MOFO5810d ago

He can vote LAME on all he wants.... with this site he cant hide.

Gring on anything GOW baby!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.