From the Ear's Perspective: Gaming Will Save Classical Music

BeefJack writes: "Music and video game writer, Adam Dolge, takes a deep look into the relationship between video games and music. Whether it's bands covering music from video game soundtracks, the musicians who compose songs for games, or the line between what sounds good and what hurts to hear, he'll stroll with you through video game history, pulling out the best and worst of music in games.

Classical music's stigma of catering only to old yuppies may soon peel off like the stinky layers of an onion. The "young" people just don't appreciate classical music like their parents and grandparents. Some cities even experiment with playing classical music at bus and train stops to encourage troublesome youth to move along - the same way American soldiers blare Guns N' Roses and Metallica to draw out Iraqis hiding in stone buildings."

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meepmoopmeep3505d ago

i'm pissed Distant Worlds isn't touring CAnada

the closest would be for me to take a 5hr drive down to Detroit