Another D&D Pioneer Passes Away: R.I.P. Dave Arneson

Another Dungeon & Dragons pioneer has passed away: Dave Arneson, who along with Gary Gygax built the roleplaying series. Blizzard Entertainment will most likely have a reaction. Last year, they dedicated World of Warcraft patch 2.4 (Sunwell Plateau) to Gary Gygax in Memoriam.

Mike Morhaime, Blizzard president, offered his support to Gygax's family and acknowledged World of Warcraft and Diablo wouldn't be without D&D and its pioneers.

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Medievaldragon3481d ago

So young. He will be deeply missed by all the D&D fans, specially those who enjoyed it in the 80s.

Leord3481d ago

It's a very young age to die. Hope I'll have more luck with that.

Nineball21123481d ago

Gaming owes a lot to the ppl who developed D&D.

Cogo3481d ago

I still play it every Monday, and I'm almost 30 =)

Leord3481d ago

I also play regularly actually.

Medievaldragon3481d ago

Indeed. It inspired the boom of RPG and fantasy games through the 80s and 90s if not even earlier.

Leord3481d ago

Lol, I didn't know you could play as leprechaun!

irish-leprecaun3481d ago

u learn smt. new everyday!! lets drink to dat!!

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