WorthPlaying:The Godfather II Review

WorthPlaying writes: "'The Godfather: Part II' is a classic film. It's subtle, intelligent and well-executed in almost every regard, filled with tremendous actors, an ageless score, and scenes that remain fixed in your mind for years. The movie isn't exactly ideal for the video game medium: The action is light, the talking is heavy, and it really isn't the first movie license that comes to mind for a video game. Even the original The Godfather is a superior choice for a video game, since it provides a hectic and dramatic backstory. The Godfather II, therefore, has a lot to live up to, and it doesn't come close. Unfortunately, it turns a classic movie into a ham-handed and tedious romp through locations that vaguely resemble situations in the movie. This might be admissible if it was a good game, but it doesn't even manage that."

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