Crysis Wars Now Free

Crysis Wars, the multiplayer component of Crysis Warhead, can now be played for free. EA and Crytek are offering a trial week to all gamers.

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peeps3573d ago

sounds good. might actually have something to push my hardware. updated my pc a few months ago but haven't bought any new games for pc (except dow2) and kinda couldn't be bothered with crysis :/ will deffo give this a go though

SonyRulz3573d ago

...misleading title. It's a week-long free TRIAL...Crysis Wars IS NOT "free". Although, for those who bought the game at full retail, it SHOULD be.

Kurylo3d3573d ago

yea crysis wars does suck.. i own warhead nad crysis originall.. me and my friends stick with the original crysis for the fact that its a good game... crysis wars took out everything that made crysis fun... its just battlefield now.

M337ING3573d ago


All Crysis Wars did was refine the existing modes, add maps, and add a Team Instant Action mode.

If anything, its the original Crysis multiplayer that had a derivative, buggy Battlefield rip-off.

EvilCackle3573d ago

No story's ever as good as its headline makes it out to be. The five thousand "Mass Effect 2 Confirmed As PS3 Exclusive?" stories floating around on this site should be evidence of that.

WhittO3573d ago

"No story's ever as good as its headline makes it out to be"

Except for like "FF XIII MULTIPLATFORM" haha

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xg-ei8ht3573d ago

Crysis Wars Free Trial Client (5.53GB)

WTF That's huge for a trial.

peeps3572d ago

i imagine it's because it's the full crysis wars but obv after a week it will lock out trial users