PlayStation Home Receives Plenty Of New Content Today

Mike Hartnett on writes: "Home has just been updated with a plethora of new content and we've got the lowdown for you!"

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heyheyhey3571d ago


I'l be checking out the new Stapler puzzle and playing some poker in the Godfather 2 space today :)

NJShadow3571d ago

Yeah, I gotta say, the poker's not too bad. I won my first two games! ^_^

irish-leprecaun3571d ago

please sony keep dis suport up for psHOME!!

NJShadow3571d ago

Well, Sony did say that we would start receiving 3 new game spaces per month and this isn't a bad start at all. I was pleasantly surprised. =)

3571d ago
40cal3571d ago

I logged in last night to play around with Xi, both the games they put up are very simple yet are incredibly fun.

Texas hold em Don style, I'm in. Plus I unlocked some stuff from RE5 for my summer house. They are offering tons of great content as of late, and its all still FREE.

Chubear3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

I have no clue how ignorant idiotic gamers are, actively trying to find ways to dogg on HOME and try to limit developers from bringing extra content to gamers. No other console is offering 1/10th what the PS3 is offering via HOME.

The wii hardly has DLC for it's fanbase and the 360's fanbase has DLC like the PS3 fanbase but the PS3 fanbase are the only ones that get more more extra content for their favoured games via HOME Game Spaces.

Not only can the PS3 fanbase enjoy a game and it's DLC but also enjoy extra content where they can meet up with tonnes of other gamers - that aren't on your friends list - that love that game, discuss and have fun playing the game's specific HOME game contents, listening to music and watching trailers all while chatting with each other.

I mean look at RE5 and God Father 2 for example. The PS3 base are the only ones that have a dedicated space for these games with addition content that the wii and 360 base will not have PLUS a great way for fans of these games to have access and talk with the developers of the game live in space.


If MS had something like this YOU KNOW they'd charge at least $79.99 per year to access this and the 360 base, that diss HOME for 49cent DLC, will fork out the money and justify it the same way they justify paying an extra $250 every gen to play games online.

I truly believe gamers this gen have got to be the dumbest gamers of any generation. Addition content for free and you still complain cause HOME is not a game. HOME isn't a game, deal with it and get over that, damn.

Software_Lover3571d ago

"I truly believe gamers this gen have got to be the dumbest gamers of any generation."


After reading that Im gonna agree, LOL.

But in all seriousness, if people dont want to decorate a home and say thats stupid is their opinion wrong. If you like decorating a space thats fine also. But to say people who dont like it are stupid is just nonsense. I guess people who dont like Killzone 2 are stupid also? What about people who hate Halo 3. Or love Viva Pinata?

Its all an opinion. IMHO I dont see the draw to home. I tried it for a week and didn't like it and will probably not go back. I still haven't deleted it yet though. But I understand that people get into social sites like myspace, facebook,pedo's (lol) can be drawn to it. But Im not into any of that stuff so for me, home is a drag. Does that make me dumb?

majorsuave3571d ago

Please tell me they fixed the text so it is readable on NTSC SDTVs

Dragun6193570d ago

You know What Sony should do to support home and attract more people to home?
They should enable trophies for Home as I'm sure that will attract quite a lot people especially trophy whores such as me. Not that i don't go on home anyways,but it would be nice to have the feature there along with the trophy room.

Daoshai3570d ago

Sony's biggest mistake with home was releasing the beta to the public too early. Many people were left with a bad taste in their mouth and may just avoid going back. I haven;t evened updated but if I continue to hear good things, I may check it out.

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Bren863571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

why is there no godfather space in the UK home?

NJShadow3571d ago

Well, the US and UK Homes are pretty different. It most likely has something to do with licensing and/or testing and just has to be confirmed for you guys. ALTHOUGH, I know Jack Buster, the man for Sony who talked about the 3 Home spaces per month was part of PlayStation Home STATESIDE. Whether or not that has anything to do with it, I'm not sure.

irish-leprecaun3571d ago

and d great thing is its still only in beta!! any idea on what will hapen to take it out of beta???

NJShadow3571d ago

Well, I for one think it will be quite difficult, at least now, to rip the "Beta" tag off as Home is constantly changing and being updated. Perhaps when Sony gets a firm model for the look, feel and features for Home we'll then see the "Beta" tag come off, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

edgeofblade3571d ago

Honestly, it might as well stay in "beta". That would mean it's always under the mentality of a work in progress.

Monsignor3571d ago

I hate it that people say Home will always be updated, so it will never be out of Beta. Windows is also always updating, and so is Firefox, but they are out of Beta. They will release themselves from Beta, when the system is stable. Stable, meaning, they can add new places without it bringing down the house (see what I did there). Because they are always receiving updates is not a reason to stay in Beta.

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