Microsoft Game Studio's Shane Kim on XNA Studio Expres

Microsoft Game Studio's Shane Kim discusses the future of XNA Studio Express, fan reaction to Shadowrun, and the challenges facing indie Live Arcade developers, in the first half of our two-part interview.

In this excerpt, Kim explains, as much as Microsoft can yet reveal, specifics on how the XNA strategy, through the use of Xbox Live, can live up to its 'YouTube of Games' potential:

"We're not ready to talk about those plans in detail yet, but, as an update, we are definitely making progress. We feel even more confident in the fact that we'll be able to start delivering solutions to not only our creators out there, but also to gamers who want an alternative type of creative content..."

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Neutral Gamer4764d ago

When I see an XNA article on this site most of the time it hardly gets any comments or interest even though personally I think initiatives like it are extremely important for the future of the games industry.

As a fairly experienced C++, C# and Direct3D programmer I found it pretty easy to get into. It would be nice to know if there's any other N4G readers out there who are using it and what they think of it.

Speak up lads!

It'd be great if it turns out successful so that hopefully Sony and Nintendo could announce something similar and thus inject some more innovation into the games industry from the indie and bedroom developers.

D R Fz4764d ago

I have some friends who would be very interested in talking to you about their experiences with XNA. It's just a matter of time before they join N4G and by then, you can talk and chat about C++ and etc. as much as you want.

Neutral Gamer4764d ago

... is that really you?

Can't wait. It'd be good to have some more developers on this site!


Grown Folks Talk4764d ago

i'll have to actually study up on how to do some of this stuff. if the game sucks, i only have myself to blame.

BIadestarX4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

I have nothing to show yet, but I'm re-writing a RPG game engine I wrote a while back to C# and the XNA framework.
I would really like it make an MMO instead, but it wouldnt work for the xbox 360 since xbox live is not enabled for xna games at least for now. I would have to stick to PC.
It would be nice if some of us with skills such as Maya, 3dstudio max. sound/music, and programming can get together and make a game.
I am just a programmer, I don't have the time to learn everything about game development.

chitown4764d ago

shane kim shane kim what a pansy. seriously both those are girly names. shane kim....... seriously