Video Games Are The New Rock 'n' Roll

Daniel of Gamer Limit writes: "'s very easy to see comparisons merely by replacing the word "music" with "games". Games, while growing in a far more organic manner than popular music, are now encroaching further than ever into the mainstream, public consciousness being forced into a realisation that they do actually exist outside the realms of geeks and social outcasts. And the resulting attitudes are disturbingly similar with that of those half a century ago. Elvis Presley was to music what Grand Theft Auto has been for games..."

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Chris Vass3478d ago

Rock and party all night and game every day

Clance3478d ago

Hey!! That's MY moto! ;o)

Fullish3478d ago

Doesn't Rock and Roll imply cool? Is gaming now considered cool?

chrisjc3478d ago

I hope so, or I ain't no Miles Davis anymo!

JQ3478d ago

It's good to see Gaming grow as a medium, but I kind of miss the old days, when the term "Gamer" was something to identify with - regardless of the negative connotations the term held.

Snoozer2823478d ago

Games are more popular, but they're not Rock and Roll. I wish people would stop comparing video games to art, music and cinema, they're defunct arguments.

Clance3478d ago

Try reading the article, it has nothing to do with comparing them as art forms.

chrisjc3478d ago

The "new" Rock N' Roll does not necessarily mean they are one in the same. Video games have come into their own in a different way, and are the product of our time period, much like Rock and Roll was in the '50 and '60s.

Lotard33478d ago

Does that mean that Final Fantasy cosplayers are the equivalent of Elvis impersonators?

lowcarb3478d ago

I don't think games are viewed as the new rock and roll but do believe there becoming the new movie alternative.

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