HellBored Review: Wanted: Weapons of Fate

HB: "Games where you have to carry out assassinations are usually pretty cool, right? Not just killing or attacking but slowly and methodically tracking your mark until you can take them out and escape with no-one any the wiser. In Wanted: Weapons of Fate you play the hero from last year's movie – Wesley Gibson – taking up the story where the movie left off. You are a highly trained assassin, formally in the employ of the Fraternity, which is an age-old wing of hitmen credited with the murders of Lincoln, JFK, Gandhi, even Julius Caesar. Now you are using your deadly art to destroy the Fraternity and find out the truth behind your mother's death. It all sounds so promising, except the reality of playing this "assassin game" is akin to being beaten by a bar of soap in a towel – you won't show any physical bruises but the pain will stay with you long after you've turned off your console and consigned the game to the second-hand bin."

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