Fable 3: It would be "pretty poor" if See the Future didn't have "some connection," says Molyneux

Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has told VG247 that it would be "pretty poor" if upcoming Fable II DLC See the Future didn't relate to the next Fable game.

"Well, while it's not easy for me to absolutely confirm that, it would be pretty poor to say 'See the Future' if it didn't have some connection, wouldn't it? It would be kind of, 'See the Present,'" he said when asked specifically if the content had anything to do with the next Fable title."

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Anon19743483d ago

You have to wonder. It was over 4 years between Fable and Fable 2. I can't see this being released on the 360 four years from now.

Vecta3483d ago

If they are developing it for the 360 it would most likely take 2 years, 3 years tops as they would be using the same engine and probably reuse some of the graphics.

grantps33483d ago


i agree.

but the title of this article doesnt make any sense