Top 10 RPG Cliches

Gamers have had their share of outings to save the world, princess, universe -- you name it. Though, no matter the quest, there are a multitude of instances in every title that you can count on to be present 90% of the time. If you give it proper thought, it's almost comforting, in a way -- you always know what to expect. It's still quite foolish of creators to slap the same old locations, situations, and plot devices into new RPGs over and over. Lazy? Certainly. Uninspired? You know it. The key word here is "annoying." With that, The Game Reviews presents ten of the most prevalent RPG cliches.

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italianbreadman4489d ago

I hate random battles... soo much

iTZKooPA4489d ago

I hate the games that take them out and then leave you no mobs to grind on, although that is far less common. The newer Tales titles does it well, they are random, but you only battle if you run into the mob, so you can actually dodge them. Or the Paper Mario series.

italianbreadman4489d ago

I wouldn't call those random. They may be randomly placed, but the frequency of the encounters is in the player's control

SlamVanderhuge4489d ago

Random battles are what keeps me away from RPGs. I only play ones that let you dodge them

stewie328874489d ago

I guess I'm the only human being on Earth that actually prefers games with random encounters.

Sexius Maximus4488d ago

To me, it all comes down to frequency. IMHO, Final Fantasy X could have been a great game, but the encounter rate was ATROCIOUS, and it ruined the game for me ( I still beat it mind you) On the other hand, the original Lunar for Sega CD was spot could actually walk around for more then seconds before getting into a battle.

italianbreadman4488d ago (Edited 4488d ago )

Have you played Skies of Arcadia... or Rogue Galaxy?

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RadientFlux4489d ago

While I agree that with their list. They should have added "Letting a villain go after defeating them" to the list. A lot of JRPGS are guilty of this and it has always bugged me.

cain1414489d ago

Makes so much more sense to just finish them off...

Foxgod4489d ago

In Suikoden its a key point to release the bad guys, other wise you cant recruit them in your own army later on in the game, and if you cant recruit them, you wont be able to gather the 108 stars of destiny.

Lucreto4489d ago

Suikoden is good for doing that. In suikoden 1 you recruit nearly all of the Enemy Generals. In Suikoden 2 it was Kiba and Klaus.

SirLarr4489d ago

I always hated bullets that don't do any real damage.

italianbreadman4489d ago

Haha. Very true. Bullet to the head, ****er's dead.

tehk1w14489d ago

You forgot childhood home being burned down.

Always effing happens.

Da One4489d ago

"The first beautiful man you take note of is likely hatching a scheme to enslave the world or to return it to a period of darkness. Just sayin’.

Viewtiful4489d ago

lol well that's usually the case IRL too you know.

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