Raccoon City Scariest Place Ever? Or Is It An Age Thing?

People are always talking about which films or TV shows gave them bad dreams or even which book but rarely do we ever hear people talk in public about the places that video games have taken them that robbed them of sleep and made them see monsters under the bed.

Not sure why because game developers have created some down right nasty worlds in their short time. And these things are not just there and you look at them from a safe distance. In the name of immersion game developers try to get you to actually force yourself into these worlds and interact with them. That is some scary crap!

The author says Raccoon city was the place of nightmares when he was a kid and nothing has beat it since. Maybe it was just an age thing, can you get too old for scary games?

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farhsa20083478d ago

For me you just can't beat silent hill, i mean come on the fog, the radio, the weird creatures, the nurses and that damn pyramid head, racoon city doesn't come close to it.

HaloHead3478d ago

How old were you when you played the first resi evil and how old when you played silent hill?

GrieverSoul3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I see where you´re going here and that argument is a fact.

Resident Evil never, ever scared me one tiny bit! Even though I was young back then. For me the only game that gave me chills was Fatal Frame aka Project Zero. That was a game with an atmosfere and you where really alone!!! No one there to help you!!! Resident Evil had misterious cameos, partner sections and... well... now that I think of it... why did the octogonal shape plate fit in the octocgonal shaped keyhole?! If we think of it, it doesnt make any sense. :)

EDIT: I hope you see the pun intended in the octogonal thing... ;)

Kushan3478d ago

I played RE1 and RE2 long before Silent Hill ever came out. Resident Evil never scared me, aside from the odd scene where something jumps out at you (And in RE, those ARE quite rare).
Silent Hill remains to this day the ONLY game to ever genuinely creep the hell out of me. Had to play with the lights on, that sort of thing.
Its affect has long since worn off and its various sequels have never managed to do it, either, so perhaps it is partially an age thing, but still, resident evil never ever scared me like Silent Hill did.

Marcello3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I was 24 when i first played RE and i gotta admit it made me quite edgy & the jump moments did make me jump. I was 27 when i played Silent Hill & it really creeped me out, always made the hairs on my neck stand up. I am now 37 & recently played Dead Space, i loved it cos it scared the [email protected] out of me :)

I play all games in the dark with headphones on btw :P

Being scared is NOT a wimp thing, its a normal response to danger so that your body will create a chemical reaction in your brain that will increase your awareness, response & strenght levels etc, its an old survival instinct that we still have so being scared is nothing to be ashamed of it means you have a good instinct to survive brought on by the fear of death or injury. Only a fool is never scared.

HaloHead3478d ago


I agree on the survival instinct thing, it is a big compliment to a game that it can be such a level of immersion that it kicks your body into a flight or fight response.

SaiyanFury3478d ago

I think the locales in Fatal Frame were the freakiest. Silent Hill would come in as a very close second, but killer ghosts coming from God knows where? That's the creep factor that wins for me.

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michellejbuss3478d ago

I am not sure about this theory, as I found Dead Space extremely frightening and i am well into my thirties.

I must admit Raccoon City scared me too. Maybe I am just a wimp.

Panthers3478d ago

Resident Evil was the scariest game I played. RE3 to be honest. Nemesis freaked me out.

ceedubya93478d ago

Cause I always come with a fully loaded shotgun and/or pistol. Although my first encounter with a Licker, and every moment I came face to face with Nemesis was enough to at least give me jitters. lol

Silent Hill on the other hand.....

HaloHead3478d ago

I must have been crap, I never had enough ammo.

I actually remember meeting final boss in one game and not having enough bullets to kill it and I am sure there was no way of going back or something, don't think I ever did kill it. Just admitted defeat

ceedubya93478d ago

Although I was exagerating a bit, I don't remember every really having a problem with having enough ammo. Early on when I first played RE2 (was my first RE game....what a way to start!)Ammo was an issue because at first I thought shooting was the best way out of a situation.

Eventually, I got a hand on how to really play the game, and I would usually end up with too much ammo at most points. I hated having to leave bullets lying around!

bigboss9113478d ago

Makes Raccoon City look like Sesame Street. And thats coming from a hardcore Re fan.(Just look at my Comments regarding Re5) Silent hill is tied with Re. Im not scared of aliens so Deadspace is out. OFF TOPIC: And be serious about this, Has anyone ever seen a real ghost, or do u believe that they exist? Im just curious because Ive seen one. No really I have.

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