Bit-tech: Red Faction: Guerilla Hands-on Preview

Red Faction: Guerilla isn't the type of game that monkeys around with plot and narrative and all that rubbish, which immediately sets it apart from most games we've seen lately. Unlike something such as The Path, Red Faction: Guerilla doesn't have a point to try and drive home in an intelligent manner. It isn't trying to teach you anything or impart some special message or emotion. Red Faction: Guerilla is about one thing and one thing only; Explosions. Big ones and lots of them.

With that in mind, it's no surprise that Volition Inc. has chosen to abandon the plot of the unpopular Red Faction 2 and instead elected to follow straight on from the more successful first game, albeit with different characters and a 50 year gap in between.

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manwich253477d ago

according to those pics, it looks like mother nature just crapped her pant suit.