Strategy Informer: Batman: Arkham Asylum Preview

Strategy Informer writes: "Batman is all about lurking in the shadows, and there's nowhere more shrouded in darkness than the decrepit corridors of Arkham Asylum; home to every insane bad guy The Dark Knight has banged up over the years. Developer Rocksteady are attempting to make this the definitive Batman game, which shouldn't be too difficult given the lacklustre videogame history of the Caped Crusader thus far, the best example being Batman Returns on the SNES, which was great fun to play despite failing to capture the innately dark nature of the character. Batman: Arkham Asylum promises to be the game that finally does DC's gloomiest character justice, featuring a complex stealth mechanic and an excellent combat system."

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CryWolf3506d ago

After seeing the gameplay with stealth eleament were you can stay in the shadow and become the Hunter, it looks pretty cool graphic and map textures layout this game could be a buy even if you can't leave the asylum. Jumpping on gargoyles looking at the enemy AL being scared and more aware of a on coming threat really make game feel like you in the real world in some point in time, fighting crime using and seeing through batman eyes it make this game stand out with the new fighting system.