VideoGamer Interview: Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising

Videogamer writes:

"When Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising is released this summer, it'll be the most hardcore, realistic military FPS ever made, at least on console. That's something Codemasters' internal development team is currently beavering away to make a reality. During a trip to the great British publisher's cavernous Warwickshire complex, we sat down for a lengthy chat with lead AI designer Clive Lindop to get the inside story on the game's development, criticism over "target renders", and that Bohemia Interactive press release."

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JeffGUNZ3576d ago

Sweet, please, demo soon!

XLiveGamer3576d ago

This game and ARMA 2 are going to change the FPS War Games genre. From now on i am not buying FPS War Games unless they are like this(Simulation Hardcore) or better. Fnck CoD MW2, fnck BF Bad Company 2, Fnck MAG, fnck GRAW, fnck any other like them.

Give me realism(Simulation) or quit!

I hate when developers + publishers use the word real & simulation and at the end they give you a disc full of the same B.S.