Navigating The Game Media's 'Wild West'

During a panel held at the MI6 game marketing conference in San Francisco, game industry PR notables discussed talked public relations via user communities and user expression -- and how the shift away from print media toward the "wild west" of game blogs is affecting their field.

The panel was moderated by Jonathan Simpson-Bint, president of Future US, and featured EA Games PR senior director Tammy Schachter, Bethesda marketing and PR VP Pete Hines, Bohle Company president Sue Bohle, and IGN Entertainment Game Sales VP Kym Nelson.

If PR empowers users, said Nelson, "They can turn around and create sort of an evangelist community for you. ...Even though we think that's new media, it's actually an age-old principle that can be very successful."

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nightelfmohawk3573d ago

Print journalism can be good, but often it's just corporate shills kissing the ass of its corporate sponsors. This still happens in game journalism at places like Gamespot, which allegedly fired a reviewer for his harsh review of a game that was heavily advertised on the site.

I won't miss print media in its traditional form. I much prefer game journalism's style even though it's unregulated. For more traditional media, I listen to/read NPR, BBC, Reuters, Associated Press, etc.