MAG To Be Titled MAG: Shadow War?

PushSquare: "Just a follow up to the earlier article about MAG's website launch. It seems people are able to access the same website from an alternative URL, It doesn't take a rocket scientist to assume there might be a slight extension to the game's title."

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Nelson M3481d ago

I Like the Sound of That !!

iHEARTboobs3481d ago

Shadow War isn't bad. Hope the game is MAGnificent though. ;)

Microsoft Xbox 3603481d ago

Shadow War sounds like every 14 year old's username. IMO, they need to drop the entire name including M.A.G. We need a truly defining game title for something as epic as this game.

Nambassa3481d ago

thats an awesome name!! i really hope they do that.

josephat843481d ago

Don't kill me! I only own a PS3 and love it, but Massive Action Game has got to be one of the most unoriginal names ever. Then to add Shadow War is so cliche. Oh well, I don't give a flying cow as long as the game plays great.

SL1M DADDY3481d ago

MAG is more of a prefix and Shadow War is the actual game title. In other words, when Shadow War is over and played out, they will release another MAG game with another title. MAG simply stands for the size and style of game and the true title of the game is the environment and story. They could have a MAG: Future War and make it a space fighter.

yesah3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

I agree, very few games with shadow in their names can pull it off. Most just come out corny and unappealing. Mag: Shadow War is just stupid.

SoapShoes3481d ago

Like Socom is a good name? It's just the name of a gun...

tplarkin73481d ago

You know what I mean. I'm sorry, but it's true. MAG is a bad name.

cyberwaffles3481d ago

actually, socom is an ancronym for united states Special Operations COMmand. i capitalized the letters so you can see the acronym. the game's title goes beyond the socom gun, aka the mk. 23

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ParanoidMonkey3481d ago

MAG: Shadow War would be even sillier.

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The story is too old to be commented.