Watch Valkyria Chronicles Episode 1 with English subtitles

Below is the first episode of Valkyria Chronicles, with English subtitles provided by Doremi.

The show follows the story of the game very well, so if you like the anime, get the game! GameStop has it on sale right now for $29.99! That is a steal and don't forget, next week there is downloadable content too.

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Gun_Senshi3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

I'm despreate to find a way to buy DLC. There is no PS Store where I live. My CC is accepted by US PS Store only, but all my games are Region 2 (PAL). When I try using my CC on UK or Italien or Ireland store it tells me invalid :(

I need the DLC!

PS. Please Help. I'm stuck in Chapter 13, Battle 4-a. I have the game since EUROPEAN RELEASE! I been stuck for that long!!! ARGH!

Edit: HOLY SH!T. This Anime is PERFECTLY Accurate!!! Best Game to Anime translation ever, or Anime to Game. Due to being accurate it already went up past Animes like Code Geass for me.

The only disappointment its not "Canvas Style", well there is a hit of canvas style but not so strong.

Hallucinate3478d ago

bah it strays away from the game a tiny bit..and it annoys me ): like they never got into the first firefight...or the second one they just jumped straight to the tank..
anyways request to the uploader: could you keep adding them as they come? (: