The Wire: The Game

We all know that fantastic TV series or movies almost invariably flop when they are made into games.

But every now and again a show comes along that just seems to be begging developers to try again.

The Wire is one of these shows.

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callahan093480d ago

This isn't really industry news. It's essentially some guy saying he wishes they'd make a game out of The Wire. Call it a blog, I don't know.

At any rate, The Wire happens to be what I'd consider the greatest television program ever.

HaloHead3480d ago

Which is what I did.

I think someone will make a game out of it, how bout you?

michellejbuss3480d ago

I for one really hope they do. maybe a bit of noise about it will make it happen.

PrimordialSoupBase3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

Leave something this great in its respective medium. Videogames will have its own "The Wire" someday in terms of quality, and it won't be anything like "The Wire".

Playing an inebriated McNulty, wrecked by the train tracks, doesn't fit within this medium.

Cenobia3479d ago

While The Wire is a good TV show, I don't really see it becoming a video game. Nothing really exciting ever happens happens. The main police characters really don't ever really have direct contact with the drug dealers. Sure Omar shoots a lot of people, but I doubt he'd be the protagonist of a game based on the show.

How many times do you really think you could plant wires and trail vehicles before it got incredibly boring.

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Why o why3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

great writers, great cast. Will it transfer into a game that matches the show.....doubt it. Great stories are not a penchant for modern day games anyway. The ones that do have deep stories are labelled 'movies' by some or tend to be rpgs and even those stories have been dire on most accounts


good show to game transfers can happen but the better stories or ones that are heavily story/character driven are hard to translate into games because of the industry as it stands. Action first story l8r is the norm almost like an afterthought. Yes, there will definitely be some anomalies but that's just it, they're anomalies and you'll only be able to name a few if you know what i mean. I want then to tarnish the name of the show by making some shooter or a non story driven type game. '3 killings an episode' isn't enough to make a 'wire' game.

michellejbuss3480d ago

But I am not sure I agree.

Get back to me when Mafia ll is released. Story is everything in that game and I predict a massive hit.

michellejbuss3480d ago

Plot and character driven games are my fav.

They don't need to have book sized dialogue like JRPG's either. Just sensible scriptwriting and good mocap (I think that is under estimated in turns of immersion)

michellejbuss3480d ago

Not that I am suggesting it is all about the killing anyway, but a show that has up to three dead an hour has enough action to be converted to a game, of course it does.

The show has action is the point I am trying to make (in response to someone who suggested that it just a long drawn out surveillance operation) of course the action that will be exaggerated in any game, clearly, but that does not mean they would have to lose the strong plot line or character portrayal.

AndyA3480d ago

Yeah, painstaking long-term surveillance makes for great gameplay. Love the show to bits, but there's no game there.

michellejbuss3480d ago

About three people get killed an episode. I don't think there is any lack of action.

AndyA3480d ago

Lol, three people an episode. Think you've been watching The Shield.

michellejbuss3480d ago

But seriuosly mate your comment made it sound like there is no action 'painstaking long term surveillance'. The operation may involve surveillance but people are shot, maimed and killed every episode. There are stick ups and kidnappings. How much action do you want?

It is not like we just get frame after frame of cops sitting in their cars.

As I said any game would exaggerate the action element but it is there in the show itself.

Cherchez La Ghost3480d ago

"They didn't have the Honeynut"?!! LOL!!

OK, all I want to know to this day is who killed Bodie?!!

Sabre_G3480d ago

O-Dog killed Bodie, twice in the head

HaloHead3480d ago

Don't think they up to there in UK LOL

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