Boxshot Prototype revealed

Prototype is a sandbox game with action elements. In the game you play as Alex Mercer, and you wake up you know nothing of your past and where you come from. Then there is a military Special Force troops in your town and to make it more worse, there are mutant creatures that have established in New York called "The Infected". You don't trust this and you go to research.

You have access to all attacks and powers, which have been developed by a malicious virus that you've been given. You can also consume the DNA of an observant passer. The identity of the victim as well his powers and skills are becoming available for you.

From June 12 Prototype is in the shop. And now we're having the boxshot of the PlayStation 3-version of Prototype for you."

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GameGambits3479d ago

Awesome box art. I'm def. going to rent this game if reviews average in the 8+ range. I know it won't be worth a buy, because it'll clock in at 20 hours max of gameplay with little replay value, but that doesn't mean the game won't be worth those 20 hours of fun. :)

robser733479d ago

The both cover box are leaked in the Preview article.


MurderMyDoll3478d ago

I'm really loving this box art, can't wait to pick this one up, better graphics would be desirable but I guess graphics aren't the only important aspect of games.

3478d ago