NWR Review: Art Style: Aquia

Nintendo World Report writes:

"Aquia has an extremely steep learning curve. Being a unique puzzle game, it is very difficult to acclimate to and it isn't too forgiving. The later levels can take upwards of 20 minutes to complete, and you can very easily die in minute 19 and have to start all over again. Besides the three difficulties, there isn't much variation among the levels: you're doing the same things throughout the game, just with a crueler time limit.

By completing the game's levels, you unlock different aquariums, which feature various fish and act as the in-game, configurable backgrounds. It's nothing game-changing, but it's a nice extra and something to work for.Art Style: Aquia is an original take on the match-three puzzle genre, and its ominous setting make for a nice puzzle environment. However, it lacks variety and is quite difficult. Regardless, it stands as another interesting entry in Nintendo's burgeoning Art Style series "

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