Close up Look At The PS3: "Xbox 360 Just Falls Short "

In an article by DigitalSpy they review the PS3 console preparing for Launch in the UK. The compare the consoles, power, backwards compatibilty and price point. Here are some quotes from the article:


The driving force behind the PlayStation 3 is its much publicised Cell processor. Co-developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony, this 3.2Ghz superchip has 64-bit PowerPC processing along with eight separate elements that can be assigned to specific tasks in a game such as handling animation, while another processes the Artificial Intelligence involved.

This increases the speed games run at, but not significantly so as Xbox 360 also has a 3.2Ghz chip built-in.

PlayStation 3 also includes a powerful 550hz Nvidia graphics card, offering true 1080p HD resolution and graphics that are ahead of anything else out there. Play Virtua Tennis 3 or Ridge Racer 7 and you can't fail to be impressed.

Xbox 360 features a 500Mhz graphics card that is undoubtedly stunning, but just falls short of the PS3's visual crispness, speed and immense attention-to-detail."

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GaMr-4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Ohhh and hate the article all you want. Do not shoot the messenger. Its not my article. I am simply doing a report on the article itselfs. So this is an article on the article. Thats probably hard for some to comprehend but. You will understand it one day.

And Again. I simply quoted the article. Its a quote from the article. Not from me.

DC come on now. You should know better than anyone else.

Hey Mart. Question and I want you to answer logically. Explain to me what your defintion of Twist is. Cause by Twist you do mean twisting the truth right. Cause thats what the rest of the world means. So explain to me. According to whats written in this article and My title. Where exactly is the twist. Can you please tell me where the twist is. Thats what the article is about. Its a comparison upon wich the Xbox360 is their eyes has fallen short to the PS3. Now please explain to me and even the admins how my title is misleading.

TheMart. I have sunken your battleship. lol ahahahahahaha

If you werent such a Fanboy this wouldnt hurt as much. Im starting to love hating you fanboys. You used to be funny but now you guys are gettin obnoxious. And I love stomping on you all like roaches.

Suck it up Biatch !!!

Hear are some other of my title changes TheMart didnt notice: <-- funniest one ahaha

So yes folks. I am guilty of changing titles. Do I twist them no. I change them and add creativity to them. I have seen my edited titles appear in plenty PS3 new forums. So someone out their is feeding off my creativity. TheMart is a twister. He will hop in any positive PS3 news and try to twist and turn it to make it reflect negative. So ask yourselves. Is what im doing wrong?

DC RID3R4769d ago

Now giving this one a title was hard."

gotta laugh GaMr, and they DARE call me "twister"?

TheMART4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Gamr = twister nr. 1

Freaking Fony Fanboy in disguise as I said before

"Close-up look at the PlayStation 3"

That's the title. You make up stuff dude. Makes you more unbelievable everytime.

I rather have a Sony fanboy that speaks his mind just out in the open. Although that cost one bubbles. But well. This guy is just lame. I don't mind how much news you bring. You're a sad dude

@ Deepbrown (below)

I've reported it four times, because about 10 persons before me did that, Gamr did the update button (fixing the title saying but didn't do) so the Reports would dissapear.

Now that's going around the system. My 4 reports where just to make sure he would have to make work out of it instead of clicking away another person.

I really think he is way off using his titles and you defending him makes clear again where you stand Deepbrown.

I wish some mods stood up and get those articles that don't have the titles the newssource themselve give them. People keep twisting stuff

techie4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Ok let's think about this logically. For one reporting the same article 4 times themart is not the right thing to do, you have to leave it up to everyone else to see if something is wrong and they agree with you.

Also although this title is not the title of the article it is not twisting, though I feel it places its emphasis somewhere that the article itself does not.

Three, if this title is so wrong and people actually read the article - sony fans are going to be left with "oooh that's cool" and 360 fans will read it as "that's BS, they don't understand anything" - and the title GaMr gives it actually reduces the strength of the article as a non-bias piece of in a way it is an advantge for 360 fans as everybody will say "oh here we go again...yadda yadda".

I do believe the article has some good points and it's interesting to see the "public" reaction to these products, but we are all so knowledgable about them now that we can see places in which they are wrong. Then again it is just an opinion

**edit** oh well too late. DId i defend him? Did i? I said "it places emphasis where the article itself doesn't". Come on themart. Also I didn't realise that there were more reports before hand, all I saw was your 4 so lay off themart. As I said I think this article does no good for the ps3 or 360, I don't even feel it's being portrayed as pro-Sony as we can see it's down falls. So where exactly do I stand? Back off themart

XxZxX4769d ago

Having a pissing at sony pictures and currently an active contributor of is good combination. It just bring fanboyism and flame war to the

Tut4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Jesus, theMART. I don't think it is necessary to freak out so much.

Throwing out conspiracy theories that everyone is either on A side or B side is nonsense. This isn't the United States' political systems (laff @ Dems & Repubs).

We don't want this to be like that either, so chill out for all of our sake. We don't have alliances to other people here, at least on the PS3 side because that is what I frequent. deep offers logical input as well, and I find it worrysome that you feel the need to attack him for it. If anything it should be promoted.


Raist4769d ago

Don't cry Mart :/

You know you're a twister, too ;)

Monchichi0254769d ago

Sony can have all the articles saying it is a better system, but MicroSoft fans can enjoy the fact that the 360 is still kicking Sony's behind up and down. (Devils May Cry *cough, Cough*)

Oh wait....isn't this the same PS3 that has been called the biggest mistake ever in almost all major publications. The same PS3 that Sony's CEO is even admitting might be a failure. The same PS3 the the Editor for The official PlayStation magazine said was not as good as the 360. The same PS3 that is sitting on store shelves across the United States and Japan. The same........ yeah, I can go on and on.

You European Sony fanboys enjoy your 15 minutes of happiness because give it a month and you to will be in the same buyers remorse people are suffering in the areas Sony cared about to ship to first.

Kastrol4769d ago

The news i submitted about the hdmi cables you changed the title and made it more Appealing

So thats cool with me i didnt see anything twisted

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CG4769d ago

"Xbox 360 features a 500Mhz graphics card that is undoubtedly stunning, but just falls short of the PS3’s visual crispness, speed and immense attention-to-detail".

LOL who ever wrote this clearly has no idea what there talking about and is obviously a sony fanboy.

GaMr why do you continue to post these [email protected] articles thats obvioulsy going to start flamewars. you try to come across as a neutral but its clear to me your just another stupid fanboy, get a life fool.

Violater4769d ago (Edited 4769d ago )

Who's the chica in the pic GaMr (if u know that is)
And seriously this story needs to be removed. As the person writing it obviously doesn't know what they are talking about i.e. Emmy award winning sixaxis

SuperSaiyan44769d ago

I just sent an e-mail a long e-mail educating these people on that site as the 360's GPU is far more advanced than the PS3's and all the extras are optional whereas with the PS3 its an all in one hence the price.

Whats better 360 premium with HD Cables + ANY 2 top titles for £300 or a PS3 with nothing for £425?

If I want a next gen player and wireless then I will OPT to purchase those.

Also its about the games well lets see does SONY have Mass Effect? NO.

InMyOpinion4769d ago

I wish they could show off their supposedly immense power in some actual games. I don't want to read articles about how powerful the Ps3 is, I want to see it. BS is what it is...