Sexiest Video Game Characters - Male

Tracy from Lazygamer writes "Ladies Ladies Ladies, Last week Lazygamer himself put up a nice display of Sexiest Woman Game Characters.

So to be fair, I have done a list of Hottest Male Game Characters.

Now this is just my opinion, but I am sure I am not far off. It's been quite difficult picking the guys. I am sure I have left some out!

All the male characters at our disposal seem to be your average buff boys… So I had to look deeper into the character and come up with a diverse opinion."

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tigresa3480d ago

*shakes head in disapproval* Hell-o where is Bill from Left 4 Dead?!

You coulda come up with better guys than that... What have you only been gaming for a year to come up with that list? Flash through the history of RPGs, that's who makes crazy gamer girls fawn over, but we're tired of Cloud. (Says so me... I guess.)