Ars Technica: Hands-on: BumpTop may be desktop revamp you've waited for

Ars Technica: "Bump Technologies believes that the traditional desktop setup of dragging icons around a flat canvas is broken, so it created a solution. Dubbed BumpTop, this desktop replacement works much like a real desk and office, allowing you to stack documents, toss them around the desk, and even pin sticky notes and picture frames to 3D "walls." Your old 'n busted desktop may finally be ready for an update.

The traditional computing desktop is broken, according to Bump Technologies. Interfaces that force users to drag equally sized icons around a flat canvas and tediously organize them into deliberately named folders haven't improved much across platforms in the past 30 years, which is why the company created BumpTop. Combining the free-form organizational features offered by your real-world desk with the aging desktop paradigm, BumpTop brings an entirely new meaning to "drag and drop.""

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