Full Famitsu Japan Hardware and Game Charts for March 30th to April 5th, 2009

Famitsu reports that hardware and software charts in Japan from March 30th to April 5th, 2009 were as follows:

Total Hardware:

DSi: 58000 + DSL: 8000 = 66 000
PSP: 47000
PS3: 18000
Wii: 17000
PS2: 6300
360: 5700

Top 10 Software:

01. [PSP] Mobile Suit Gundam Senjou no Kizuna Portable 30,000 / 115,000
02. [NDS] Famista DS 2009 29,000 / NEW
03. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G 28,000 / 583,000
04. [NDS] Mario & Luigi RPG 3!! 27,000 / 495,000
05. [PS2] Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 2009 21,000 / 94,000
06. [PS3] Musou Orochi Z 16,000 / 177,000
07. [NDS] Super Robot Wars K 15,000 / 185,000
08. [PSP] Disgaea 2 Portable 14,000 / 50,000
09. [Wii] Taiko Drum Master Wii 13,000 / 485,000
10. [PS3] Winning Post World 12,000 / 12,000

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sak5003479d ago

There you go.. 360 and Wii sales picked up and ps3's still the same.

- Ghost of Sparta -3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

360 sales picked up and it still couldn't even beat the PS2.

Obama3479d ago

There you go..the 360 still couldn't beat a 9 year old system.

Jamegohanssj53479d ago

It doesn't matter. The PS3 still beat the Wii either way.


MURKERR3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

even diehard 360 fanboys are staring at you like WTF?

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Raoh3479d ago


almost reminiscent of the old ps2 dreamcast days. LOL i remember when the official 360 price drop happened, microsoft had a lot to say about japan and their 5 week sales..

where are their comments now?

you cant beat a 9 year old system

not only a 9 year old system, you cant beat handheld systems or face the fact that you cant beat the wii when it is more expensive the arcade 360

yes its only japan and 360 wins in the states.. but so was the dreamcast until the ps2 took over japan....

dont you just love how history repeats itself?

callahan093479d ago

I agree with what you're saying, except that you're wrong about something: 360 doesn't win in the states either. The states are heavy Wii territory, all the way. Japan is starting to turn into PS3 territory it seems, though it's hard to really make that claim when it's only slightly outselling the Wii and has a few million to catch up still. But I believe we're going on a couple of months now where the PS3's been the best selling home console in Japan.

SL1M DADDY3479d ago

You would have thought from a Western point of view that Japan would have jumped tot he 360 shortly after they had their Wii fix but nope, they jumpback to what they know is a quality system with few hardware issues. Sony is Japan and Japan loves Sony. Not even a price such as the PS3's can keep the system down.

If MS were smart, they would pull out of Japan and just focus on Europe and NA.

JokesOnYou3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

why would japan all of a sudden jump on 360, 360 has had a few good weeks here and there when theres been a big release, but again theres never been anything close to ps3 or wii numbers for a sustained period, last gen with no hardware issues Japanese hated xbox, this gen more have taken a liking to it but in NO way could anybody say with a straight face that 360 would compete with ps3 or wii so save us the BS about that. Do you remember just a little over a year ago, 360 selling consistently around 2-3k sometimes even below that? So it has improved considering its japan. Truth is even at 360's current sales its doing a whole lot better than its predeccessor and if you're realistic thats all you can really expect. Japans sales are alot smaller than US so NPD #s definitely helps micro gain ground lost in Japan when it comes to overall sales so you win some you lose some.

oh and btw I think its waaaay too early to give Japan to sony, Dsi is outselling PSP and even with sony having released some highly anticipated games this year like Yakuza3 for ps3 its only up a measly 1k, this week, I doubt nintendo is even worried at this point which is why they came out said sales are down but their not dropping the price. I mean sure they probably will not see huge sales over ps3 until their next gimmick but hell a difference of a few grand every week is going to take a long, long time to put a dent in their market share. Talk to me when ps3/sony is CONSISTENTLY beating wii/nintendo by 40-50k per week in japan, and lets not even talk about nintendo's overall install base increasing dramatically over ps3 and 360 month to month outside of other words nintendo is laughing at both micro and sony all the way to the bank, and your comments giving sony to japan over nintendo at this point is laughable as well. The only one who's lost ALOT market share in all 3 areas is Sony, but thats only because they dominated last gen by such a huge margin, so you its unrealistic to expect them to dominate forever but damm no one expected they would lose so much, actually they are in 3rd, most just expected them to be in 1st by now just not having a huge market share like last gen, lolz that domination is clearly over, but hey thats good for ALL gamers including the loyal sony ones like YOU= strong competition is always good lmfao, This site is so funny.


azmanmanz3479d ago

I thought japanese gamers is clever but there is still 5700 idiot buy xbox360 on march

- Ghost of Sparta -3479d ago

I bet they're still unaware that the complete version of Tales of Vesperia is coming to PS3.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

PS2 Destroys the ChatBox 360!!! ;-D

How EMBARRASSING Micro$luts!!!
AWW...You buy every RPG in Japan to stop SONY selling any PS3's but it didn't work did it??? ;-D

demoneyeslaharl3479d ago

Impressed with PS3 sales considering there is only one game in the top 10 that is from that system.

PirateThom3479d ago

2 games.

Winning Post World and Musou Orochi Z

demoneyeslaharl3479d ago

Oh... missed that. lol.

I've been wondering when the Wii's gonna get back up again... and the number's are pretty close... next week maybe?

San Frandisco3479d ago

japan is BACK IN BLACK sucka's!

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