Spawn Kill Review: Lux-Pain

Tigresa of Spawn Kill writes:

"In Japan, games are fearless and full of taboo and danger that the Western world has long barricaded itself from. Suicide, incest, infanticide, gives you the creeps right? Probably not, because in this generation we're ready for themes like this, and if you're me, you're more than ready, you crave it. Tons of these games exist in Japan, but a lot of video game publishers tend to keep it that way in fear that it won't gain any attention (Read: Sales) in other venues like the U.S. Luckily, there are publishers like Ignition Entertainment that are willing to jump over hurdles to bring us these sinister evils and "oh my's" of gaming with their recent release of the quirky Lux-Pain."

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ihaten4glol3483d ago

I will get around to finishing this someday...

K-Tuck3483d ago

Woot! I want to buy a scooter!

tigresa3483d ago

I disagree. What the heck does scooters have to do with this article. HMM!

FerretWithASpork3482d ago

This game seems awesome, one of those underdog type things! I might have to get it soon :D