Are the Days of Console Gaming Numbered?

Console gaming has gotten more and more popular, especially since the introduction of the original PlayStation in the mid/late '90s. But is the era of the console coming to a close? David Ferrigno, CEO of DISCover, believes that ease of use in modern PCs will eventually allow them to take over the living room, replacing consoles.

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deathtok4758d ago

The question really should be "Are the days of PC gaming numbered?" Console gaming is extremely successful and growing.

ben hates you4758d ago

if you compare console sales to pc sales or how many people own pc's to console pc wins its like one or more per home in the us

lilwingman4758d ago

I really don't think that's a relevant comparison though. You'd first have to find out how many of those PC owners actually PLAY games, other than solitaire or Mahjong.

deathtok4758d ago

True but the success rate of games is much smaller from what I've seen.

DeadlyFire4758d ago

I myself believe that both PC gaming and console gaming will be the normal thing for quite a while. PC users = 200 Million or more while PS2 had 80 Mil and Xbx and GCB had about 40 million in the last generation. Now with the new consoles and Sony pushing their product to be more of a home entertainment device or computer system I believe that Console gaming might go head to head with PC gaming by 2030 if not before that. Mobile PC gaming is great and Vista's new Silver FREE PC to PC play Live service basically the same service PC users have had since they have had a PC for Computers can definately spur some popularity and start a new trend with Microsoft and Windows.

PC gaming will never die though. Its just something everyone has and loves. These new consoles are cheap as dirt compared to brand new PCs which is the only real reason why console gaming is so popular.

Robotz Rule4758d ago (Edited 4758d ago )

Have you forgotten about the next-gen consoles:
.Playstation 3
.Xbox 360
.Nintendo Wii

PC gaming is great but it gets boring,I'd rather play my dirt cheap,Playstation 3,Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Says you4758d ago

Probably successful but not extremely successful considering its more like its dieing there's more gamers that play on game consoles than PC's but some of them still play both game consoles and PC's.

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