OXCGN Discusses Six Days In Fallujah: Now We All Can Go To Hell


"Can War Games Aiming For Realism Be Edu-tainment?

I have to admit I am a bit of a contradiction. I tend towards being against violence, wars and killing but love my shooter games. As someone with a history background I also tend to like historical accuracy in games like the World War II shooters.

But ever since they started to get more serious about their content with games like Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway and Call Of Duty: World At War, no longer just focusing on the big battles, brotherhood of soldiers, and glory, I have wondered if this is where games meant to provide entertainment and fun should head...

Now we have Konami announcing their new third-person tactical shooter Six Days In Fallujah, which chronicles the real life experiences of several U.S. Marines during the fighting in November 2004 in the Iraqi town of Fallujah...

But can this game about such a recent war and continuing conflict be sensitive and educational?"

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Godem3570d ago

COD4 showed that there is a Ferris Wheel in Chernobyl..

so thanks COD4 for educating me on that :)


-I know i been educated from some stuff in games.

gaminoz3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

It's a tough question...

If it is standard shooter stuff without a deep focus on the story and trying NOT to kill everyone in sight it will be insensitive but it could also not be fun being so serious.

And these games are always from one perspective. I still wonder what the Japanese thought of World At War...though I guess the younger gen are far removed from WW2.

Godem3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

If i can come out of a game with a new conversation starter, its been good AND informative.

Superfragilistic3570d ago

Agreed, that C130 level and the fallout scene after the Nuke goes off in COD4 still resonate with me deeply.

Maybe 6 Days in Fallujah could be one of the first of gaming's Dr Strangloves anti-war games, where entertainment has a far deeper impact on the pysche and hopefully enourages the younger generations that war really is hell and it should be an absolute last resort.

gaminoz3570d ago

@ Super

Too right.

Do you think video games give young people the idea that war is glorious and fun, or do you think most know it is sheer hell and that games are different?

Superfragilistic3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

I think young people in general find it difficult to interpret anything beyond black and white terms, and many missed (including my younger brothers) the power of the subtext and anti-war message in games like COD4. I think for them its purely entertainment and escapism.

But that's also a reflection of an industry that hasn't really got to a level of maturity to be critical of such stuff in an explicit manner. Perhaps Fallujah will be different, but then that would presumably be against commercial interests if its to explicit and aimed at a young American audience. And so we have a conundrum.

Immortal Kaim3570d ago

I hate to be pessimistic, but I envision the American propaganda machine to be in full force in this game. I expect the typical black/white scenario, shades of grey aren't really permitted when it comes to war...

gaminoz3570d ago

Well if it is an Americas Army or gung-go crap then it deserves to fail miserably.

XboxOZ3603569d ago

THere's already a huge storm brewing over the game in the US, with n=both sides launching huge attacks on each other like kids in a playground.

If looked at in a logical,levelheaded manner, they might come to some resolve about it, but that's probably never going to happen in the US sadly.

GrathiusXR3569d ago

Exactly like you explained it Immortal..

allegionary3569d ago

I wonder if they are going for impact if video games really is the medium for it. Books and movies may not be as interactive but games are first for 'play' and second are not usually graphically realistic enough or narrative enough to tell these sorts of stories. Sure you can do the shooting and feel the panic of waves of enemies coming at you but can it really feel real enough to teach you anything about the horrors of war?

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