Blu-ray & HD-DVD Hybrid

Samsung and Toshiba have joined forces to end the format wars for good. They are releasing a hybrid player that plays both Blu-ray and HD-DVD formats. But that 's not all! Sony and NEC are also releasing a dual-format player of Blu-ray and HD-DVD. This is back-up for Sony, since they did loose miserably with Beta.

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bernie6565d ago

Sony are right to have a backup plan, after reading this new, HD-DVD Vs Bluray review.

I don't know if it's too late for Microsoft to produce a dual layer add-on drive or Sony to change their setup somehow, but overall it seems best to stick with good old DVD for now.

Droidbro6564d ago

How is this a good back up plan for sony? Now they have a $600 monstrosity that will only play half of all movies. Unless they can figure out a way to put a hd-dvd and blu-ray version on the same disc. Or at least a two sided disc. Sony is screwed if this is true. MS can still change their HD-dvd player. Good thing theyre producing it seperately. They have time to change this kind of stuff, unlike sony...

DG6564d ago

Why wouldnt sony have time to change it swaping drives is not a complicated task not for a million units in 4 months anyway.

TheMART6564d ago

Because if things are going according plan, they are already producing the first couple of PS3's.

When they can implement a new drive (without any child deseases still in it), they'll be some time from now.

Customers with a BR drive only will start to complain if newer ones can play all. Also, if they do that, they'll automatically say: well we don't believe in BR so much anymore, we are going to put HD-DVD also in it...

Droidbro6564d ago

you know how muching testing and debugging would be needed to switch out the drive. that, and devs are creating games and dev kits that have the bd drive in it.

DG6564d ago

Even if they can and have time to do it they wouldnt. The war is still on dont get if confused both sides are just compromising to get the people in to it but only one will be left standing. Its still going to come down to two things price and the moview execs.

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greenlynxx6564d ago

This is just one more evidence that MS made the right decision by not going with either of the new dvd formats. There is simply too much confusion right now.

Fat Onion6564d ago

checked out the website. if blue ray is having so much loading issues with movies, i can't imagine how bad the loading issues will be with ps3. guess thats the reason for the delay.

pRo loGic II6564d ago

Is this real and if so WTF is Toshiba doing, they could have won the format war; that is; if HV-DVD got off the ground.

Moostache6564d ago (Edited 6564d ago )

I can't see how Sony would EVER let something like this happen BEFORE they release their own Blu-Ray players....

I expect a follow up article denying this later today or tomorrow AM at the latest...

It would be great news though if it were true (at least from a movie fan perspective. I can't see it happening though simply because this would almost force Sony to either redesign the PS3 (again) at the last minute (to include a hybrid drive instead of a straight BD drive) or it would mean that the PS3 would not be nearly as attractive as a "next-gen movie player" if it only plays one format and stand alone units can play both....

No way is this true.